Puppy Was Abandoned in an Airport Bathroom with Tearful Note from His Owner

When a woman needed to board a flight, she could not bring her beloved dog along. She left a note in the airport bathroom explaining the desperate situation and asked someone to rescue the pet.  

In 2017, airport staff found a puppy without an owner in a Las Vegas airport bathroom. The fluffy creature was found next to a note that explained how he ended up all alone. In the sad letter, the dog’s owner asked for help.

Chewy, a Chihuahua-mix, was abandoned at the McCarren Airport. His owner did what she thought was best for the dog. Not only was she devastated to say goodbye to Chewy, but the owner was facing terrible life circumstances. 

In the note, the woman stated that she had no other option but to leave the puppy behind. It was written from the dog’s perspective and read

“She didn’t want to leave me with all her heart.”

The reason why the dog’s owner had to make the difficult decision was saddening. As stated in the note, the pet owner was in an abusive relationship. The note explained that the owner was leaving her boyfriend because he hurt her and the dog.

She did not have enough money to pay for the dog’s air ticket and begged someone to take Chewy in. The woman also alerted the reader to the abuse inflicted upon the puppy. 

In the note, the pet owner shared that her “ex-boyfriend kicked the dog when [they] were fighting, and he has a big knot on his head. He probably needs a vet. I love Chewy so much. Please love and take care of him.”


People from Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue CMDR took the dog in and gave him a home for an interim period. They got the dog the needed medical care, and after sharing his story, something amazing happened.

There was an influx of people asking if they could adopt Chewy. Many also wanted to help the woman, and one user even offered to pay for the puppy’s flights so he could be reunited with the original owner.

The user said: “If she wants her doggie back, I’ll pay for his flight. The only sanity I had when I fled an abusive relationship was my dogs. I couldn’t have made it without them.” 

Others shared that the story made them cry. A netizen wrote: “I’m trying to fight back the tears reading this heart-wrenching story of a brave young lady who was able to get out of this awful abusive relationship and to a safe place.”


People also detailed their own experiences. Someone said: “I have a white dog named Chewy, and I know this must have hurt her deeply. She loved him so much, but she gave him up to help him.”

Giving up her dog was heartbreaking for the owner, but she acted in the dog’s best interest, and her selfless actions and kindness have been praised. 

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