Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s Marriage Affected by Camilla from the Beginning

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding was a talk-of-the-town and seemed to have been full of beautiful promises. But in reality, the union was doomed from the start and eventually ended in a split.

The royal family has been part of modern history, from the days of Queen Victoria, who ushered in the industrial era, to that of Edward VIII, who abdicated his throne in pursuit of his American love.

Queen Elizabeth and her late husband Prince Philip forged another unique history with their marriage that spanned over seven decades until his death earlier this year.

Prince Charles And Princess Diana On Their Last Official Trip Together, November 1992. | Photo: Getty Images

While the Queen enjoyed a spectacular romance, her eldest son and heir did not seem to have the same luck. His personal life has been filled with unpleasant events that almost dragged the family’s name to the bud.

Charles was one the most eligible bachelors of the late 20th century. With his mother being the most powerful woman in history, it was only normal that his choice of a bride was everybody’s business.

Prince Charles during a visit to Sandringham Flower Show 2019 at Sandringham House on July 24, 2019 in King’s Lynn. | Photo: Getty Images

When news broke in the ’80s that the young Prince of Wales was getting married to a charming, shy Diana Spencer, it was seen as the next big event in the country.

In 1981, a 20-year-old Diana stunned over 750 million viewers as she dazzled in her 25-foot train to marry Prince Charles.

The future looked bright, and Diana was a popular figure amongst the people who looked forward to her becoming Queen someday. But it was never destined to happen; the union seemed doomed from the onset.

Princess Diana wearing one of the Royal tiaras, circa 1992. | Photo: Getty Images

Although the couple spent almost two decades together, love was never alive in their union as Prince Charles’s heart belonged to another. He loved a woman he had met in the ’70s, Camilla Shand.

The duo secretly dated in the years they met, and Charles was keen on making something out of their romance. Unfortunately, he faced stiff opposition from his family as his beloved Camilla lacked the prestigious bloodline needed to be Queen.

Seeing that love was impossible, both parties tried to end things and accept their fate. Camilla got married to Andrew Parker Bowles while Charles was off serving in the Royal Navy. 

Diana, Princess of Wales and Prince Charles in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on June 29, 1983. | Photo: Getty Images

The Prince of Wales was crushed by what seemed like the loss of a lifetime, but he retained his friendship with Camilla. However, the duo would later resume an affair that threatened Charles’s marriage.

Charles was a strikingly handsome man and was largely popular amongst noble families. In 1977, he dated Sarah Spencer, Diana’s older sister, but the relationship abruptly ended after she engaged the press.

Charles was captured by the beauty and innocence of the blonde Diana. When asked by curious reporters what they had going on, both parties excitedly said they were in love.

Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales in Paris, France in November 1988. | Photo: Getty Images

Things seemed to have gone on well between the duo. The couple spent the first few years building their family as they welcomed Prince William and Prince Harry. But the years that followed were devastating for their family.

In the mid-1980s, Charles revived his affair with Camilla, who was married with kids at the time. In retaliation, Diana began a secret romance with her instructor, James Hewitt.

Over three decades after their secret affair, Charles tied the knot with Camilla in 2005.

Diana had always known Camilla as one of Charles’s close friends. The two were even photographed, sharing a pleasant moment. 

Initially, Diana felt she had no reason to be alarmed since Charles assured her that no strings were attached to his friendship with Camilla. Over time, the Princess of Wales grew uncomfortable with Camilla’s presence in their life.

While reflecting on her nuptials during a 1991 interview, Diana revealed that seeing Camilla in her 1981 wedding with Prince Charles was a devastating moment.

Diana later expressed the full details of her shaky marriage with Charles during her 1995 interview to BBC One’s Panorama. She famously said their marriage was crowded since it had three people, referring to Charles’s affair with Camilla.

The 1992 book “Diana: Her True Story” blew the secret of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ failing marriage to the public. After discovering the affair, Diana confronted Camilla, informing her that she knew what was going on.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall leave after attending the opening ceremony of the sixth session of the Senedd at The Senedd on October 14, 2021. | Photo: Getty Images

In reaction, Camilla allegedly asked Diana what she wanted after having two beautiful kids and being one of the most popular Brits at the time. Diana and Prince Charles separated in 1992 while Camilla divorced her husband.

Before Diana’s 1997 death in a car crash, she was said to have progressed in her relationship with Prince Charles. Both parties reportedly looked forward to co-parenting, leaving their ugly past behind, and embracing their future.

Over three decades after their secret affair, Charles tied the knot with Camilla in 2005. Their union was spectacular and unpopular for many reasons.

It marked the first time a future king married a divorced woman. Their union also marked the first time a woman married to an heir received a title less than a princess.

The Queen and Prince Philip did not attend the event because the union was not accepted amongst royal family members. Still, they held a private reception in their honor and attended a blessing service at Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel.

Camilla was once the most hated woman in Britain following her relationship with Charles. Many claimed the relationship led to the split between Charles and Diana, leaving the Princess of Wales heartbroken. These days, her popularity has soared amongst fans.

It has been more than fifteen years since Charles married his heartthrob, and the lovebirds continue to stand strong. They often appear side by side as they carry out their royal duties.

With Charles set to be king in the future, royal fans expressed the sensitivity of Camilla becoming Queen, a position once reserved for the famous Diana.

As a result, royal advisers announced that when Charles becomes King, Camilla will not use the title of Queen. She would reportedly be known as Princess Consort.

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