Pregnant Girl Sees Boyfriend Bring Another Woman Home While She Is in the Hospital

A pregnant woman hospitalized far from home grew restless when her boyfriend ignored her texts and calls. She took her phone to check time-stamped alerts from the baby monitor in their bedroom and froze after seeing a young girl with him on their bed.

A woman turned to Reddit for advice on “how to navigate” the unsettling truth of her partner bringing an unfamiliar woman to their bedroom while she was away in the hospital. 

Redditor electrvlight, 24, was 29 weeks pregnant and hospitalized due to pregnancy and digestive complications. Her partner, 27, stayed back with his roommates, and she had no room for doubt just yet. 

Each time-stamped picture from the baby monitor treated OP with a shock of a lifetime | Photo: Flickr

The Original Poster (OP) and her partner had a fantastic relationship, and after a month of seeing each other, she got pregnant. Her family loved him, and she soon realized that he was trustworthy. 

Theirs wasn’t an open relationship in any manner, and the couple always made sure they communicated well with each other. 

One evening, OP’s partner informed her that he intended to play pool at the local bar. She was aware of this routine and blindly nodded. Her partner responded to all her texts until he reached the bar. 

OP and her boyfriend had a very smooth relationship void of any red flags | Photo: Unsplash

He set the phone down, and OP understood he was with his friends. When he texted her again, she guessed he had reached home by then.

OP texted him again, but he didn’t respond. She thought it was weird because he texted her just a few minutes ago. 

She grew a bit restless and called him to say goodnight, but he had diverted the call to his voicemail, and it was super creepy, and soon, seeds of doubt implanted themselves in OP’s head.

OP grew restless after her boyfriend never responded to her calls and texts | Photo: Pexels

She kept guessing whether he was in the shower or had forgotten his phone somewhere. At a point, OP thought he genuinely fell asleep so soon.

She checked the baby monitor alerts on her phone to see if their bedroom lights were off. OP thought she’d call him again if the lights were still on. To her surprise, all the lights were off.

As she scrolled through the following picture alert, she spotted a woman with blond hair sitting on their bed. Her heart pounded fast as she scrolled down to recheck the pictures from when her partner reached home until he put out the lights.

OP saw a blond woman sitting in their bedroom | Photo: Unsplash

Beads of tears ran down her cheeks as she gazed at the pictures. The first time-stamped picture revealed an unfamiliar woman walking into their bedroom while OP’s partner was in the shower.

The woman plugged her phone and laid down. Next, the boyfriend returned from the bathroom in shorts. They talked for a while, then he grabbed the keys, and they left together.

OP observed and thought maybe one of them forgot something. A couple of minutes later, she watched them reenter the bedroom.

OP’s boyfriend and the woman talked for a while | Photo: Pexels

The blond woman immediately made herself comfortable on OP’s side of the bed. They both still had their clothes on when OP’s boyfriend put out the lights.

OP’s boyfriend called her the next day and pretended as though nothing had happened, unaware that she knew what he did the previous night. 

OP watched closely when her boyfriend picked up his phone to text her randomly. He then set his phone aside without waiting for her reply. He was awake when she called him and he looked up until the call diverted to his voicemail.  

OP’s boyfriend texted her but set his phone away without waiting for her reply | Photo: Pexels

After reading her post, several people from the Reddit forum flooded it with advice and opinions. User Kranock stated:

“If I were in your shoes, then this would be just too much for me…Why don’t you just write him that he forgot to shut the monitor off when he brought his other girlfriend home to sleep with him in your bed?”

OP responded that she was shattered and shocked. She claimed her boyfriend had never lied to her before and doubted whether she overreacted. As the discussion warmed up, people debated his irresponsible attitude towards his pregnant partner and baby.

OP felt deserted | Photo: Pexels

“While you were in the hospital with health issues related to his baby, he brought another woman to your bed. What if you or the baby were having an emergency?” Redditor prose-before-bros vented, adding:

When there’s an emergency or if the hospital is trying to reach him, they’ll call once…While I understand you want him living his life like you’re not in the hospital, you could be dead right now and that could have been his last conversation with you that he decided to ignore. 

In response, OP revealed that her boyfriend wasn’t bad and always treated her first child as his own. She recounted that he was very involved in her pregnancy as well. Still, she was haunted and couldn’t wait to get to the root of what was going on in their house. 

OP could wait no longer to know the truth | Photo: Pexels

OP’s boyfriend called her the next day and pretended as though nothing had happened, unaware that she knew what he did the previous night. After ignoring him a couple of times, she pressed him for the details.  

Her guy immediately told her everything, and his confession coincided with whatever the baby monitor revealed to OP the previous night. It turned out that the blond woman was his cousin. She was out of state and boozed-up heavily at the bar.

OP’s boyfriend brought her home and offered her shelter in their house. He later asked her why she didn’t check the baby monitor, and OP confessed that’s how she knew all of this. Her boyfriend later apologized for not telling her what happened and understood that he crossed his boundaries by hiding the truth.

OP’s boyfriend called her the next day | Photo: Unsplash

What would have happened if there was no baby monitor installed? Would OP’s boyfriend still have confessed the truth the next day?

OP’s partner assumed she would know and interpret the situation better by just rummaging through the baby monitor recordings. But he had no clue that his assumptions would backfire like this. On the other hand, it still is anyone’s guess if he would’ve confessed the truth the next day if there was no baby monitor installed in their bedroom. 

OP claimed the relationship with her boyfriend was very trusting. But did her trust factor land on the rocks after seeing him with another woman?

Since OP and her partner always communicated well, his late response startled her, especially after her call landed in his voicemail. Her boyfriend didn’t inform her about his cousin until she asked him. This bred seeds of doubt in OP’s mind and triggered her suspicions. Would OP have given him a chance to confess the truth without her having to ask him?

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