Poor Woman Worked 3 Jobs to Make Ends Meet While Her Mother Wasted Away Her Inheritance

A woman took it to Reddit after discovering that her mother wasted her inheritance money while she was busy working three jobs to complete her college education.

The Redditor explained what her mother went through as a child that negatively affected her personality. She confessed she didn’t share the best relationship with her mother.

The woman also felt the inheritance money could change her life. She was upset after learning her mother used her inheritance money for frivolous things she didn’t need.

She felt devastated after discovering the truth | Source: Shutterstock

The 27-year-old girl revealed that her mother had a rough childhood. She met a car accident and saw her mother die at 5. Since her father refused to take care of her, she ended up in a foster home waiting to be adopted. 

Three years later, a wealthy couple adopted her. However, she didn’t like the change and found it hard to accept her adoptive family. 

Ultimately, she ran away. Her adoptive parents tried to find her but to no avail. At 18, she had her first child and another one after a few years, leaving them in foster care.

OP’s mother gave birth to her first child at 18 | Source: Unsplash

After meeting another man, OP’s (Original Poster’s) mother gave birth to her and retrieved her two sons from foster care. She then married two more men and gave birth to two sons.

Her whole world came crashing down when her grandparents passed away.

OP remembers taking care of her two younger brothers whenever her mother went to parties. She revealed that they weren’t well-off and struggled to make ends meet. 

OP took care of her siblings while her mother was not at home | Source: Unsplash

Despite not having enough resources, there was one thing that OP looked forward to during her childhood. She loved visiting her grandparents’ house, but her mother didn’t take her there often because of her strained relationship with them. She explained:

“I loved my grandparents (especially my Gpa) dearly and they loved us kids back”

She also revealed that her grandparents always taught the kids to focus on their education. They often took OP to bookstores and asked her to pick the books she liked.

She loved visiting bookstores with her grandparents | Source: Unsplash

Their gesture encouraged OP to study and achieve good grades at school, but that didn’t last long. Her whole world came crashing down when her grandparents passed away. She explained:

“From there on, school was very difficult for me, as well as my home life.”

After grieving for a long time,  the 17-year-old girl decided to move out of her house. She enrolled herself in a college and pursued her love for science alongside working a full-time job. 

She left home and pursued her passion | Source: Unsplash

On the other hand, her mother never tried to contact her. She moved to another place with her children, which upset OP. However, she focused on her studies and graduated with a $40,000 college debt.

After graduating, OP wanted to know more about her late grandparents, so she contacted their best friends―the Johnsons. To her surprise, they revealed that her grandparents left a $150,000 inheritance for their grandchildrens’ education. She explained:

“My mother came to the Johnson’s and confessed to them that “she blew” all the education money.”

OP met the Johnsons to find out more about her late grandparents | Source: Pexels

OP thought about where the money went and remembered that her mother bought a sports car after her grandfather’s death. OP was upset, knowing the money could have saved her from working three jobs simultaneously.

She emailed her mother demanding her share of the inheritance, knowing the chances were slim. Feeling devastated, she posted her story on Reddit to ask other people for advice. 

ProfessionalLucky776 suggested OP sue her mother, to which she replied that she doesn’t have enough money and that she feels nervous about suing her mother because more than a decade had passed since her grandfather died. 

She sent an email to her mother | Source: Unsplash

Another Redditor named rennmismygirl told OP that suing was the only thing she could do at this point. Otherwise, she can forget about everything and cut ties with her mother.

ChaunceyFitzroy said she would have stopped talking to her mother if she had been in OP’s place. She also stated that filing a lawsuit would be of no use and advised OP to stay away from her mother at all costs. 

Most users felt sorry for OP and advised her not to talk to her mother even if she tried to contact her. They predicted that her mother might reach out to her in the future, assuming she doesn’t have a good retirement plan.

She posted her story on Reddit | Source: Unsplash

Do you think OP should sue her mother?

OP believed the inheritance money could have changed her life and helped her achieve better grades. Some people might feel OP should sue her mother and gain back that inheritance, while others may argue that it would prove futile considering her mother has no means of repaying her. Some also believe going through the difficult path taught OP many things that she wouldn’t have learned if she had the money.

If you were OP, would you reach out to your brothers to help them live a better life?

OP distanced herself from her family because she believed the toxic environment hindered her personal growth. Her brothers must be going through the same phase, and OP’s guidance could help them live better lives. Some people might agree that she should help her brothers. Others may argue that helping her brothers isn’t her responsibility and that she should stay away from her family as much as possible. 

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