Poor Boy Pays Bus Fare for Woman with Kid, Then His Mother Receives $1 Million – Story of the Day

When little Nicholas saw the bus driver ask Sandra and her newborn baby to get off because they didn’t have enough money for the fare, he stepped in and paid for their ride. A few days later, Sandra returned the young boy’s generosity by doing something unexpected.

Sandra Anderson had to spend the night at her friend Bethany’s house in Michigan after fleeing her abusive husband, Josh. Sandra’s mother, Mrs. Anderson, had always warned her against Josh, but she was young and frivolous and only realized how horrible he was after they married.

Mrs. Anderson stayed in the same town as Bethany, but Sandra didn’t have the courage to confront her mother after how brutally her marriage had failed—at least not until she received a call in the morning informing her that her mother had suffered an attack and was being rushed to the hospital.

As she hung up the phone, the woman wrapped her daughter Ava in a blanket and dashed out the door, leaving her purse behind. 

It was snowing, and she had to go to the bus stop near Bethany’s house after several failed attempts to get accepted by Uber or convince a taxi driver to give her a ride. Fortunately, though, she arrived at the bus stop just as the bus was about to leave. 

She dashed into the bus, saving herself and Ava from the cold, and was about to take a seat when the driver abruptly stopped her. “Excuse me, ma’am. You forgot to pay your fare!”

“Oh, sorry, just give me a minute,” Sandra apologized and began looking for her purse, but when she reached into her bag, she discovered her wallet was missing. 

Sandra checked her pockets to see if she kept any change in them, but they were also empty. Meanwhile, the bus driver was getting impatient. “Could you please hurry? The roads are slick, and I can’t drive fast because it’s snowing,” he declared emphatically.

Sandra looked up from her bag. “I’m sorry, but I left my purse at home.”

The bus driver gave her a stern look. “Sorry, I can’t allow you then. GET DOWN FROM THE BUS!”

“No, please!” Sandra pleaded. “I have a baby with me, and it’s freezing. Plus, my mother has been hospitalized. I promise that once I get to the hospital, I’ll have someone pay you.”

The driver erupted in laughter. “Nice try, lady, but many people have made up stories like that and gotten away with not paying the fare. I’m not a fool!”

Dejected, Sandra picked up her bag from the seat and got off the bus, bracing for the cold. But just then, a voice stopped her. “I will pay for her fare. Please don’t tell them to leave.”

Sandra turned around and saw a shabbily dressed boy standing there. “Please come in, ma’am. I will pay for the fare.”

“Thank you, child,” Sandra said as she took a seat. “By the way, what’s your name?”

“I’m Nicholas!” the boy replied cheerfully. “You know you don’t need to thank me. My mother says that if you have the means to help someone, you should always do so!”

“Your mom is right, Nicholas,” Sandra said with a smile. “Why are you traveling by yourself?”

“Oh, I’m on my way back from my grandmother’s house,” the boy explained. “She was sick, so mom told me to give her medicine. Looks like my stop is here, so I’ll get off now. Goodbye!”

“Wait for a second, Nicholas!” Sandra said. “Can you please give me your address? I want to meet your mom and thank her.”

“Sure!” Nicholas smiled and gave their address before walking away. 

The next day, Sandra went to the address Nicholas gave her and her heart sank as she discovered a small, crumbling two-room cottage.

She double-checked the address at one point, thinking she arrived at the wrong one, but that wasn’t the case. She knocked, and Nicholas opened the door. “Oh, it’s you! Someone came to meet you, Mom!” Nicholas dashed inside to call his mother.

Soon, Sandra saw a frail woman appearing from inside the house. She wasn’t that old, but the dark circles in her face and sunken cheeks indicated she was having a hard time.

Sandra was already troubled by Nichola’s situation, but when she learned that Nicholas’ father had abandoned them after his mother became pregnant, she couldn’t hold herself back from helping them.

That night at home, Sandra set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the mother and son and then enlisted the assistance of her friend Bethany, a famous blogger with millions of Instagram followers.

Bethany went live on her page, narrating Nicholas and his mother’s story, generating not only a significant number of helping hands but $1 million in just three days! What’s more, the money kept flowing even after that.

When Sandra handed over the cheque to Nicholas’ mother at the end of the week, she couldn’t stop crying. Thankfully, with that money, she and her son could finally move to a better house, and Nicholas, who had never been able to attend school, could now complete his education.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Be kind and helpful to others, the way Nicholas helped Sandra.
  • Kindness begets kindness. Nicholas helped Sandra without expecting anything in return, and the woman returned his generosity by helping him and his mother financially.

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