Police Officers Buy Food for Mom Caught Stealing Groceries for Her 3 Starving Children

When her motherly instinct to provide for her kids kicked in, one desperate mother stole food for her starving family. Police caught her, but they didn’t react as she expected. 

In 2017, North Carolina police officers handed a woman kindness instead of a prison sentence after discovering what was going on in her home. After a local store contacted them to report the woman’s theft, they went to the suspect’s house. 

Food Lion supermarket in Hillsborough indicated that a woman stole from them and hoped the police would apprehend her. The authorities set out to do just that, but they had a change of heart when they spoke with her. 


The officers did not find a criminal. Instead, they found a desperate mother whose kids had not eaten in three days. When one of the officers opened the woman’s fridge, all he saw was a block of cheese.

The mother shared that she was unable to work due to a recent health issue. The Hillsborough Police Department stated Senior Corporal Keith Bradshaw and Officer First Class Candace Spragins attended to the alleged case of theft. 

The suspected woman gave back the food she stole to the value of $36. The officers did not leave the matter there. The post revealed: “This was not a crime out of greed but one seen as necessary by a mother trying to feed a child.”

Lieutenant Andy Simmonds shared the tragic details of the starving family and indicated that the officers decided to act. Lt Simmonds said:

“The officers went to the grocery store and spent $140 of their own money on food for her family.”

The mother confessed that she had no other option but to steal to survive. The woman expressed: “I had to go out and steal food, and that’s desperate, and I’m sorry for doing what I did, but my kids were hungry.”

The Lieutenant added that the officers’ kind actions are what policing should be about. The viral post touched many concerned citizens who lauded the police officers for showing the woman compassion when she needed it the most. 

With thousands of reactions and shares, people had a lot to say. Many thanked the officers for their service, and one user said: “Thanks for reaching out. No child should have to be hungry in this rich country!!! Sending prayers. A job well done!!!”

The commenter concluded by stating that more people should behave as these caring police officers did. While the woman was charged with theft, the kindness of the police officers did not go unnoticed and made a difference in her life. 

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