Police Officer Hardly Holds Back Tears on Last Day at Work after Son Makes His Last Call

Police Officer Brian Berrigan became emotional as his son, Dean, delivered his final dispatch call at the end of his last shift before his retirement.

It is genuinely a tearful moment when a person retires from the job they loved for many years. More so when their son follows in their footsteps and witnesses the end of an era.

Such was the case for Phillipsburg Police Officer Brian Berrigan, who had his final shift on duty on December 30, 2019.

Before his shift ended, his son, Police Officer Dean Berrigan, honored his dad and delivered the final dispatch call. Dean said:

“25 years ago, you held me in your arms after you graduated [from] the Police Academy. Today, we stand side-by-side as brothers […]. I thank you for being the best role model a son could ask for.”

Dean praised his father for being his inspiration at work. “You’re not only my father, you have been my career mentor. It was an honor to serve by your side for the last six months,” he said.

Brian had been in the police force for quite some time and formed a strong bond with his fellow officers. One of his most memorable tasks includes being on the search team after the 9/11 attack.

Brian, a licensed electrician, owns a business named LDC Electrical Contractors. He plans to be hands-on in running the business after retirement.

Other opportunities presented before him were saving someone’s life and helping a woman deliver a child. Certainly, it was a fulfilling experience on the job.

Meanwhile, Dean joined the Philipsburg Police Department six months ago after serving under Lopatcong Township Police Department. According to Dean, it was like a homecoming to be with the officers he had known since his younger years.

Being at work without his father would undoubtedly take getting used to for Dean. However, he knows that his father will also feel fulfilled beyond retirement.

Brian, a licensed electrician, owns a business named LDC Electrical Contractors. He plans to be hands-on in running the business while his son furthers his career in the police force.

Having send-offs in police departments is common for retiring cops to show appreciation for the retiree’s hard work. However, 91-year-old officer L.C. “Buckshot” Smith does not see this happening anytime soon.

The Arkansas officer is still active in patrolling the streets and has no plans of retiring anytime soon. Smith has been serving under the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Department for more than four decades.

Smith’s story has inspired many to keep serving their countrymen despite their age. Hopefully, his story continues to be a source of encouragement to those in police departments.

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