Police Detective’s Daughter Praised after Saving Life of a 7-Month-Old Who Was in a Car Crash

Many of us lose our minds or begin to panic in disastrous situations. Nevertheless, one phenomenal goddess of a woman managed to stay eerily calm and did something most of us wouldn’t dare to dream of. 

Ladonya Williams from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, is passionate about her career. The 20-year-old has been modeling since she was 14-years-old.

Ambitious as ever, she aspires to take the catwalk going forward and to trot the entire globe in the process.

Strangely enough, it was the day she chose to walk away from the runway when she became a hero. She was returning from a gig she had just canceled while traveling in Akron, Ohio.

The model was in the car with her father. Suddenly, chaos broke loose when someone crashed into another vehicle in front of them. With her background in first aid, the 20-year-old raced to the scene. 

A mother who was part of the accident was howling about her baby dying. Williams did all she could, trying to resuscitate the baby, and the 7-month-old eventually began to breathe. The young lady recalled

“In that moment, I just took the mother’s hand, and we were just holding hands and just waited for the ambulance to arrive.”

The baby was taken to Akron Children’s Hospital and is reportedly in good condition. The mother has since received citations, one for speeding. 

The now-heroine was presented with a citizen’s award by Chief Stephen Mylett of the Akron Police Department. At the commemoration, her father, Donny Williams, who works for the department, gave a speech. The loving dad expressed

“I’m always proud of my children, but that was probably one of the most proudest moments of my life.”

The detective also stated that the level of calm she had shown during the incident is something he has never witnessed, even as a first responder. 

The heroic citizen herself got her chance to say a few inspiring words. The model expressed that she was in disbelief and didn’t think she could do such a brave thing. Williams advised

“Even in situations when you know you’re scared and you might want to freeze up, just help the best that you can and hope that everything will be all right.” 

While her words may sound unrealistic implying portraying heroic actions is easy, Williams did show that one does not need to be a superhero to do great things. Instead, they simply need to have a good heart with a touch of bravery. Of course, first aid training helps.

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