‘Please Help!’ 9-Year-Old Girl Asks Santa to Help Friend Who Lost Her Father in an Emotional Letter

A nine-year-old girl, Riley inspired thousands of people after a selfless Christmas letter written to Santa Claus went viral. What was the content of the note? Continue reading to find out.

Employees at Lowe’s in Millville, Pennsylvania, always enjoy reading the “Dear Santa” letters pinned up in the break room during every holiday season. Young customers are invited to address Santa with their holiday wishes, which are then posted to the bulletin board.

In 2018, the staff was scanning the adorable sentiments when a particular letter caught their attention. It was written by a nine-year-old girl, Riley, whose Christmas wish was emotional and selfless.

Riley and her handwritten letter to Santa Claus | Photo: youtube.com/CBS Philly

The letter read, “Dear Santa, kids in my class say that you are not real, but I still believe. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m a baby. Also, my friend lost her dad, and her family is living in her friend’s backyard. Please help! I hope it is OK to not ask for a present.”

After seeing the letter, Lowe’s Millville Department manager, Kevin Betchner, sat down with CBS reporter Cleve Bryan. The manager was asked about his thoughts when he read the little girl’s note. In his response, Betchner explained:

“Well that’s there’s a kid that’s really selfless and wants to do something for one of her friends and also that there’s a child out there in this situation in the Holiday season (sic).”

Riley’s letter touched Betchner, and he decided to help her bereaved friend. So, the manager posted the letter on social media, and shortly after, thousands of netizens shared the post. Eventually, it reached Riley’s family in Buena Vista.

The little girl’s parents, Tony and Jenna, also decided to help their daughter’s friend. So, they reached out to Riley’s school. However, their child’s friend’s situation was not as bad as Riley described.

Jenna also said they were trying to create a servant’s heart in their daughter just to love as Jesus would do. 

Riley and her family in an interview with CBS | Photo: Youtube/cbsphilly

Despite the discovery, the parents were very proud of Riley for desiring to help others instead of wanting regular Christmas presents. Tony told the 



“It was a proud moment as a father just to see her heart and fire bless someone other than herself.”

Jenna also said they were trying to create a servant’s heart in their daughter just to love as Jesus would do. 

Riley in an interview with CBS | Photo: Youtube/cbsphilly

When Riley learned that her letter and selfless act had gone viral, she expressed joy. The little girl relayed that she was happy people liked her letter and hoped that the content would convince them to help others whenever they read it.

Lowe’s Millville store manager, Jason Morrell, also weighed in on the situation. He said Riley was awesome, adding that he could not wait to meet her one day.

A picture of Riley’s ;etter to Santa | Photo: Youtube/cbsphilly

The little girl’s story is only evidence that selflessness and kindness are not limited by age, and they go a long way in positively impacting the world.

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