Permanently Disabled Woman Kicked Her Mother Out of Her House After She Made Mean Comments

A 50-year-old disabled woman took it to Reddit after kicking her mother out of the house for insulting her. She felt guilty about it when her stepfather and sister called her.

The Redditor shared she had been married to her husband for 25 years, who never made her feel bad about her disability. Their 21-year-old twins and a 13-year-old child also supported the woman in every way possible. 

However, her mother had always been dismissive about her medical conditions because she felt they were just minor aches that her daughter couldn’t handle. 

Before jumping into the main story, the Reddit user named no_housewife_here shared that she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Adhesive Arachnoiditis (AA) when she was in her twenties. She explained that AA is a spinal cord disorder that is as painful as metastatic bone cancer. She continued:

“19 years ago, my conditions became worse, and my doctors declared me permanently disabled.”

She used to work as a network engineer when she was declared permanently disabled. Unfortunately, she had to leave her job and stay at home because of her condition. 

OP (Original Poster) happily accepted staying at home and looking after her kids while her husband worked full-time for almost 10 hours each day. Since he was working from home, he helped OP with the house chores whenever he could. 

She also told her she wasn’t welcome here until she realized her mistake.

While her husband stood by her through thick and thin, her mother chose not to. She never believed OP’s condition was severe, not even after looking at her medical reports. She felt her daughter was just making a fuss out of minor aches. 

Things took a different turn when OP’s mother came to stay at her place for two weeks. The first thing she complained about during her visit was the pile of mail in OP’s house. Her complaints started to increase with time.

One day, while complaining about other things, OP’s mother said something unbelievable. She said OP was a terrible stay-at-home mother, and she wonders how her husband keeps up with her. She also added that OP was a “physical and financial leech that is too lazy to do anything.” OP explained how she felt:

“I LOST IT! I told her I am not a house wife, and I didn’t stop working 19 years ago to become one.”

OP snapped at her mother, telling her she was a terrible mom because she never considered her medical conditions and always accused her of making things up. 

She felt terrible after listening to her mother’s remarks, so she asked her to pack her stuff and return home. She also told her she wasn’t welcome here until she realized her mistake. OP explained:

“I also told her that until she could respect me, my home, and acknowledge my struggles, she was no longer welcome here”

OP’s mother packed her bags and returned home while believing what she said wasn’t wrong. Moreover, she discussed the incident with her husband and daughter, narrating everything from her point of view while making them feel OP misbehaved with her.

As a result, OP’s stepfather and sister called her. After listening to her mother’s side of the story, they criticized her and refused to hear what she had to say. Annoyed, OP hung up on them and decided not to talk to them.

When OP later pondered over the entire episode, she felt she might be at fault for misbehaving with her mother, so she posted her story on Reddit, asking other users for advice. 

Another Redditor named withOneStar replied that OP wasn’t at fault, so she doesn’t need to feel guilty about anything. The user added that she would do the same if she were in OP’s place.

OP added a comment that revealed her mother-in-law (MIL) supported her more than her mother ever did during the last 28 years. Other users told OP that’s a blessing since most MILs aren’t supportive.

Most users supported OP’s decision not to talk to her mother again. If you enjoyed this story, you might like this one about a family who got a call from an unknown person claiming he was hiding in their backyard.

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