Patrick Dempsey’s Marriage with 26 Years Older Wife Ended Messy due to His Alleged Agression

“Grey’s Anatomy’s” Patrick Dempsey was once married to a woman 26 years his senior. The marriage, which was initially a secret, became highly publicized following dirty divorce proceedings.

American Race Car Driver and Actor Patrick Dempsey has led an interesting lifestyle that fans want to get a glimpse at. Dempsey, well-known for his role on “Grey’s Anatomy,” has been married twice, just like his character, Neurosurgeon Derek.

He is also a lover boy in real life like he is in films. He was once in love and married to a lady 26 years his senior. Their age difference and the fact that his wife had kids older than him didn’t affect their marriage. But, they didn’t live happily ever after.


Dempsey remained a fan favorite after his role as Neurosurgeon Derek on the ABC hit drama “Grey’s Anatomy.” But before he took to the entertainment industry in the 1980s, making appearances in films like “Can’t Buy Me, Love,” he was entangled in a dramatic romance.

While the actor was in his early 20s, he fell heads over heels for Rochelle “Rocky” Parker, who was in her 40s when they met. The couple didn’t let their age difference stand in the way of their affection, and they soon became lovers.

The now 55-year-old race car driver and his ex-wife first became acquainted on the set of “Brighton Beach Memoirs.” Dempsey was only 18, and Parker plays his aunt in the movie.

After working together for a while, she became his manager and later his partner. They dated for three years before finally walking down the aisle in 1987. Dempsey and Parker kept their relationship a secret due to fear of public judgments. 

Dempsey’s marriage to Parker was his first while he was her third husband. Parker’s kids from previous marriages were also older than the actor, and their love life soon became chaotic, leading to a divorce and messy allegations. 


After eight years together, the couple’s marriage crashed in the 1990s; it wasn’t an amicable split. During divorce proceedings, Parker made a series of shocking allegations against the “Grey’s Anatomy” actor.

According to Parker, their marriage crumbled following the “Bridget Jones’s Baby” star’s infidelity issues. She also claimed he physically abused her in a statement that read:

“While we were on the set of his movie “Can’t Buy Me Love,” he beat me up because he claimed he ‘wanted to see what it was like to beat up a woman!”

She further claimed his actions led to some health issues due to the injuries she sustained. Parker also wrote that Dempsey broke her finger after closing the door of a van on it.

However, the “Grey’s Anatomy” neurosurgeon repeatedly denied his first wife’s claims. After the messy divorce proceedings, it turned out Parker made some false allegations against the actor.

In a 1994 court document, she wrote that she struggled with mental health-related issues and saw a psychiatrist during their marriage.

She also retracted the allegations in another legal document blaming her negative statements towards the actor on “the heat of a divorce.” Furthermore, Parker made sure she made it clear that her physical and mental abuse, alcoholism, and drug use claims were false.

He also revealed that he wasn’t prepared to let go of their marriage, and he and Fink decided to work on their differences.

Sadly, Parker died at 74 in 2014 after battling lung and throat cancer. Dempsey has since gotten over their messy divorce, finding love again with celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist Jillian Fink.


Dempsey and Fink have been together since the ’90s following his divorce from Parker. The two have been through many ups and downs but have stuck together through thick and thin.

The race car driver and movie star met Fink during a visit to the salon where she worked. During an interview with People in 2002, Fink revealed she was shocked to see Dempsey at the salon but also happy he visited because he was “so cute.”

Although Fink was attracted to the actor right away, it took them three years to date. Their first date was enough for the pair to discover their love for each other, and they moved in together after three months. The “Sweet Home Alabama” actor and the FYFE Beauty founder tied the knot in 1999.

After their nuptials at Dempsey’s family’s farmhouse in Lewiston, Maine, the couple expanded their family, welcoming their first child Talula in February 2002. They are also parents to twins Darby and Sullivan, born in 2007.

The lovebirds appeared to have a perfect marriage until January 2015, when the couple shocked the world with the news of their divorce. They revealed that they had mutually decided to separate and would remain civil for their children.

However, the movie star and his makeup artist bride didn’t seem to have wanted a separation and instead fought to save their marriage. The couple gave hints of a possible reconciliation when fans spotted them holding hands in Paris not long after.


In May 2016, the award-winning actor and Fink called off their divorce and got back together, this time stronger. Speaking in an interview about his marriage with the mother of his three kids, Dempsey explained that sometimes sacrifices matter.

He also revealed that he wasn’t prepared to let go of their marriage, and he and Fink decided to work on their differences. Dempsey further stated that he and Fink wanted to set a good example for their kids.

However, amidst the “Bridget Jones’s Baby” actor’s love life drama, his career keeps growing stronger, and his wife remains an acclaimed makeup mogul.

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