Park Worker Saves a Woman’s Life after Noticing Her Car Had Not Moved All Day

When an attentive park worker noticed a vehicle had been parked in the same spot all day, he became suspicious. His attention to detail saved a woman’s life. 

This year a Nevada man turned into a hero during a routine day at work. Randy Turner has been keeping public parks in the area safe and clean for close to 20 years. He knew the people who frequented the parks well.

When he noticed an unoccupied car, he decided to take a closer look. The man enjoyed his job and talking to visitors as they spent time at the park. In May 2021, he was at the right place at the right time.  

Park worker looks through a car window and sees a woman in need | Photo: Youtube/FOX5 Las Vegas


He was working at the Stephanie Lynn Craig Park in Henderson when he approached a car parked in the same spot for hours. The windows were rolled up despite the warm weather. He peered through the windows but didn’t see anyone.

He continued looking and almost walked away from the car, but something nudged him to look closer. Turner eventually spotted someone lying behind the seat. He immediately realized the woman needed medical attention.

Park worker looks through a car window and sees a woman in need | Photo: Youtube/FOX5 Las Vegas

He called an ambulance, and they rushed to the scene. They were able to assist the woman and save her life. Turner’s quick thinking and attention to detail made all the difference. If he had not been attentive, the woman might not have survived. He was happy to help and expressed

“It makes me feel good. I love helping people out, and that’s just what I love doing. And it made me feel really good that she’s here today and she’s able to be with her family again.”

Turner knew the woman because she had visited the park consistently for three years. He called her a “nice lady” and was grateful to have helped her in a time of need. Netizens also had a lot to say about Turner’s actions. Many applauded his concern, and one user wrote:

“That’s beautiful! Thank you sir for being an awesome human being and caring about your fellow human. What a blessing you are!”

The online community stated that people should be more attentive to their surroundings in the future because they could save a life in the process, just like Turner did. Someone said: “We can all be heroes. We just need to rise to the occasion.”

People called him a good man, and some were curious about the woman’s medical emergency. While no details were provided, netizens were glad her life was saved. Users wished Turner well and continued to thank him for putting kindness and care into action.  

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