Parents Whose Son Passed Away Adopt a Boy Two Months Later from the Same Hospital Where He Died

Katie and Josh Butler always dreamed of having children, even going so far as imagining 13 of them running around – but what was meant to be their dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

It makes sense that this couple is so desirous of having children due to Katie’s extensive family background and Josh’s family-focused values. 

His focus on this aspect of life is what drew Katie to him in the first place when they met at college, both studying journalism. The duo finally got hitched in 2012. 

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In 2015, Katie gave birth to little Dewey, but tragically the little boy was not as healthy as they would have hoped for. As Josh uttered

“I’ve heard it say that if you want to hear God laugh, you tell him your plan.”

The newborn was found to have a chromosomal disorder, and despite all attempts, Dewey passed away at the tender age of two months. 

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The newborn’s parents were beyond devastated but chose not to give up. This time the pair decided they would try and adopt a baby. They were concerned about conceiving again as Dewey’s condition was genetic. Katie said

“We had so much love and poured it into Dewey, and now he was in heaven … I needed more kids to love.”

Not soon after they spoke to the nurses, they got a phone call, informing them that there was a baby at the hospital where Dewey stayed during his short life. The little one’s mother couldn’t take care of him and he needed a loving home. 

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They took Braxtel in when he was 11 months old. Like Dewey, he also suffered medical challenges. In 2016, they legally adopted the little boy. The new mom expressed

“I do think a way to describe our short journey so far is taking what is sad and making the best of it and living with hope and choosing to see the joy.”

These parents were already looking to adopt once again. With their positive and resilient attitudes, they are sure to make fantastic role models for their kids. 

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As Katie and Josh Butler are likely highly aware, although there is nothing but unconditional love available, having children with medical conditions cal be challenging.

Throw the reality of abortion into the mix, and it becomes even more complex and emotionally charged. This matter came to light when a mom of a daughter with Down Syndrome wrote a letter to a previous doctor.

This medical professional, according to her suggested, repeatedly that she should get an abortion while she was pregnant with her child. Courtney Williams Baker chose to keep the baby named Emersyn Faith.

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She spoke about a friend of hers who was pregnant with a baby with Down Syndrome, stating that her doctor found the beauty in it rather than consistently encouraging termination. 

Although she isn’t angry, the mom wrote, it did make her sad that her doctor didn’t see or recognize what a fantastic being was growing inside her.

Whatever your opinion on either of these women’s choices regarding their children is, one thing is obvious – their love is as unconditional as any parents should be for their beautiful children. 

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