Parents Who Experienced Infertility Surprise Their Family by Presenting Their Baby

A couple left their loved ones bawling and breathless during a video call. Not only did they surprise them with something, but rather someone and their family and friends were beyond confused as to how they hadn’t known about this all along. 

At 30 years old, Alexis DelChiaro VanHooser and her husband Gabriel VanHooser said their “I do’s.” Since then, they have had three children, but the journey to parenthood was not your run-of-the-mill. 

Alexis suffered from miscarriages, after which the couple went through a variety of treatments that didn’t work, so they eventually adopted.

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Astonishingly, the now mother fell pregnant during this period, and they ended up with two kids: Grant and Gianna. By 2020, they welcomed another adopted child into their home, Francesca Jean. 

She [Alexis] believes that being a mom is her number one purpose.

The duo was eager to share her with loved ones. Unfortunately, an in-person introduction was impossible due to quarantine, but the parents made a plan thanks to modern technology. 

The couple video-called a multitude of her family and friends to surprise them. Alexis shared a clip of all their heartwarming responses on TikTok. The wife and mother expressed

“It was a joy to see all of their reactions and have them captured so I can share them with Francesca someday.” 

Some of their loved ones were in complete shock and awe, others cried, and all were overjoyed for the happy pair’s new baby girl.

The post went viral, accumulating just under 2000 comments. A large portion of fellow TikTokers noticed that the VanHooser’s had an astonishing number of family and friends in their life. One netizen penned

“Your baby girl has an amazing village.”

Many other TikTok users congratulated the parents and expressed that they were overcome with emotion. So far, the video has gathered around an astounding 225,000 likes.

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While this loving mother, Alexis, is accomplished in many areas of her life, with a career as a television host and anchor, she believes that being a mom is her number one purpose. The loving wife has stated

“I believe my journey to becoming a mother and raising my kids is my passion, calling, and what I was put on earth to do.”

With such dedicated parents and the affection of a massive group of family and friends, all three of Alexis and Gabriel’s children are bound to grow up to be colorful individuals. 

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