Parents Were Forced to Leave behind Baby They Just Adopted at an Orphanage

A mother and father faced a grueling roadblock when going through the adoption process. Both were unsure of how they would ever be able to bring their baby safely home and in their arms for good. 

After saying their vows in 1994, Michele and Dave Hengen were more than ready to have children. Unfortunately, after the elation of having fallen pregnant, Michele had a miscarriage. 

However, the husband and wife didn’t let that stop them as they embarked on a journey to adopt. At the time, however, the two did not realize what they would have to go through to become the loving parents of Katja.

When the pair met Katja, she had been living at an orphanage for around four years called The House of Babies, located in Cherkasy, Ukraine. At the time, Michele and Dave were residing in Montreal, Canada, in the Province of Quebec. 

Despite falling in love with this little girl, the international adoption process proved challenging as Quebec had closed its borders to Ukraine. This forced Michele and Dave to return home, leaving their baby girl alone at the orphanage halfway across the world. Speaking about Katja, Michele has said

“During our first visit, she opened up to us like a flower in bloom. After four years of never trying to speak, she called out ‘mama’.”

They were informed at the time that Katja would have to remain at the orphanage for at least half a year before they could officially take her home. The parents were terrified at the image of their little one remaining at the institution for another 6 months. 

However, the power couple didn’t let that stop them, ensuring they brought her to Canadian shores in only one month. Speaking about the experience, the loving mom has expressed

“It was Katja’s adoption that really required us to regularly tap into our vision to keep putting one foot in front of the other.”

Following this, Michele and Dave also chose to adopt newborn twins, Matt and Nick. This adoption also came with its difficulties. However, at this point, due to their experience with Katja’s adoption, they were more impervious to whatever was thrown their way. 

All three children are adults now, having experienced a loving and beautiful childhood. Speaking about her adoption journey and how it relates to others, Michele has said:

“I truly hope that our story can inspire someone – maybe you or a loved one – to adopt a precious child (or more)!”

She has since become a coach and adoption expert to other individuals looking to embark into this fearsome territory, where they will find an unconditional love they never knew existed.

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