Parents Make Daughter Pay for College Fee to Teach Her a Lesson

A teenage girl opened up on Reddit after her parents asked her to pay her college fee. She believed her parents were going too far in teaching her a lesson.

The girl was a freshman student who had failed an exam, and that didn’t sit well with her parents. She felt they didn’t understand why she failed the exam.

They asked her to pay her college fee to teach her a lesson. At first, the girl agreed, but then she took her words back because her parents had a hidden condition attached to it.

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The 18-year-old girl posted her story on Reddit because she felt her parents weren’t being fair to her. She wanted to ask other people for advice on what to do next.

She shared that her first semester results didn’t turn out to be good because she had failed her chemistry exam. She confessed it was because of her own mistakes, and she could have tried harder. She explained:

“I was sick and I had a bought [sic] of depression which really impacted me.”

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The girl also shared that she had recently started dating her boyfriend and her parents believed he was the reason she didn’t pass her exam.

She felt terrified thinking about her future.

She shared that her school offered two options to retake the test. The first option cost $2,200 and allowed her to take remedial classes for only a month. The second option was to take a summer course costing $10,000.

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When she informed her parents about her results, she also told them about these options. To her surprise, they asked her to take the summer course instead of the option that cost $2,200. 

Moreover, they also asked her to pay the $10,000 fee to teach her a lesson. She admitted she would have happily returned the money to her parents if they paid for the $2,200 course, but what they said seemed impossible to her. She explained:

“I understand that they are mad and I would be too but I don’t have the ability to get 10k anytime soon”

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The girl believed her parents weren’t concerned about her success. She thought they were only trying to control her. Her mother had also threatened to slap her on the face if she told anyone why she had failed. 

She felt terrified thinking about her future. Taking the summer course meant she would graduate late, which would affect her career. She felt her parents weren’t concerned about it. 

After sharing her story on Reddit, qna14113 suggested that OP pay the $2,200 and take the class without informing her parents. The user explained doing so will force them to decide whether they want to support her education or not. 

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OP read the comment and replied that she was afraid they might stop paying her college fees altogether. She didn’t want to lose her parents’ support at any cost. She explained:

“I just am stuck because I don’t want to offend them so much that they just stop paying my tuition”

Paying your child’s college fee comes with multiple advantages and disadvantages. The bright side of doing so is that your child won’t have student debt and will increase their chances of getting a high-paying job. 

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Investing in your child’s education will also allow you to enjoy tax benefits. However, some people might think the cons are more impactful because paying for your child’s education means compromising on your retirement plans. 

Moreover, some people might think that paying their child’s fees might make them more dependent. It may also make them feel more entitled, preventing them from working hard at school. 

Many Redditors suggested OP talk to her college advisor and see if she could get any grants or financial assistance. OP later updated her post, saying she would soon meet her college advisor. 

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Would you talk to your parents and convince them to let you take the cheaper course if you were OP?

Some people might think OP could have convinced her parents by explaining the pros and cons of each option. She could wait for their anger to cool down before talking to them about it. However, some people might believe OP’s parents chose the expensive option as a punishment, so talking to them about changing their decision was no use. 

Do you think OP’s parents weren’t concerned about her future?

The girl had started believing her parents weren’t concerned about her future. She thought they were only trying to control her and didn’t care about her career. Do you think this is really the case? 

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