Parents Lost 3 Children in Tragic Accident — Six Months Later They Were Expecting Triplets

A couple experienced the biggest nightmare of their lives when they lost two girls and a boy in a horrific car crash. In a miraculous twist of fate, they became parents to triplets a year later: two girls and one boy, just like before. 

As is often said, every cloud has a silver lining. However, seeing the good in a challenging situation is a tough act to follow. The Coble family underwent the same trauma when their world was turned topsy-turvy in an instant. 

On May 4, 2007, Lori Coble was out with her three children – 5-year-old Kyle, 4-year-old Emma, 2-year-old Katie, and her mother, Cindy. The Cobles had celebrated Kyle’s birthday a day before and were excited to continue in the same spirit. 

They went to a mall where the kids enjoyed the rides, followed by a pet shop. Finally, it was time to head home, so the family sat in their minivan, with Lori behind the driving wheel.

While her vehicle was stuck in traffic, she decided to turn around to check on her kids. Lori tickled the toes of Katie, who had started to doze off when everything went dark. A huge truck loaded with 40,000 pounds driving at 70 mph smashed into the van. 

The tragic accident left Lori and her children severely injured. The trauma was so bad that Cindy and Lori were taken to one hospital, Katie and Kylie to a second, and Emma to a third. 

Chris Coble, Lori’s husband and the kids’ father, received the heartbreaking news while he was at work. He rushed to the hospital, where his wife was admitted. Soon, the doctors told him that Katie couldn’t make it. 

The truck driver responsible for the accident, Jorge Miguel Romero, had a history of speeding and pleading not guilty to three counts of vehicular manslaughter. 

After some time, he received a call from the hospital where Emma had been taken and discovered that she had passed away as well. Chris was devastated and couldn’t bear the pain anymore. He then rushed to inform Lori about their girls’ death.

The couple then went to check up on their son, Kyle. While they were relieved to see his opened eyes, the doctor told them that his brain had not been getting any oxygen and suggested taking him off life support. Chris also shared: 

“She’s [Lori’s] climbing out of the wheelchair the best she can to hug Kyle and saying: ‘He’s got to go be with his sisters now. His sisters are waiting for him.'”

In a matter of seconds, the Coble family lost the three beautiful souls who had made their lives meaningful. On the day of their funeral, Chris and Lori were devastated to see three little caskets in the place of their three laughing and happy kids. 

Losing their bundles of joy left the parents in a state of disbelief and denial. The following months were spent battling anger, depression, grief, and numbness. However, Chris and Lori promised not to leave one another. Chris also expressed:

“We always described ourselves at that point as ‘parents without children.’ I mean, when you have three children that young, your whole lives are dedicated to them and you love it.” 

Out of their longing to feel parental joy again, the couple decided to follow their calling to try and have more children. They turned to IVF and started with ten eggs, out of which three were successfully fertilized.


While the doctor told them to go forward with only two, the couple insisted on putting back all three. Six months later, they were expecting triplets – two girls and a boy, just like before. Talking about the miracle pregnancy, Chris added: 

“Your mind can’t even think otherwise. If you feel they’re somewhere watching over you, protecting you, and something like this happens, it’s hard to think that somehow they weren’t involved in crafting this.”

Nearly a year after Kyle, Emma, and Katie’s death, the Cobles became parents to Ashley, Ellie, and Jake. Chris and Lori also believe that their heavenly angels are watching over them and their siblings. 

The couple shared that they’ve kept photos of Kyle, Emma, and Katie in the house, and the triplets know they had older siblings who are now in heaven. The Cobles have also raised their voice, calling for a change in the policy of the truck driving industry. 

The truck driver responsible for the accident, Jorge Miguel Romero, had a history of speeding and pleading not guilty to three counts of vehicular manslaughter. 

Chris and Lori often take their triplets to the cemetery for picnics. While they are happy to have a house full of children, they would always hold the memories of Kyle, Emma, and Katie close to their hearts. 

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