Parents Gave Girl Away Shortly after Birth – 18 Years Later Biological Sister Finds Her

After she lost her foster mother, the girl received a legal letter from her biological sister. When she didn’t respond to the letter, her sister traced her on Facebook and asked her siblings to send her berating messages.

The 26-year-old woman she knew about her adoption since she was three years old. However, she didn’t know about the nature of the adoption.

She grew up believing her biological parents legally gave up their parental rights, but she didn’t know why. They gave her to a foster home when she was only five days old. 

The girl spent the first three years of her life in the foster home because she had a medical condition that made it difficult for people to adopt her. She explained:

“I was born with an atrial septal defect (ASD). I developed complications due to the condition, which needed surgical intervention.”

When OP (Original Poster) turned three, a pediatric nurse agreed to adopt her. She ensured the girl got everything she needed, and OP confessed that her foster mother never made her feel like an outsider.

However, life didn’t go according to OP’s plans. Her whole world was turned upside down when the doctors diagnosed her mother with cancer.

OP wasn’t interested in talking to her half-sister

Her treatment started, and the doctors declared that her health was improving. When OP started believing her foster mother would beat cancer, her health deteriorated rapidly, and she lost her battle. 

The girl confessed she went for therapy for four years after her foster mother’s death. It took her time to accept that she had to live without her mother. 

One day, she received a letter from Claire, who claimed she was her biological father’s daughter. OP remembered she received a similar letter from the same woman when she was 18, but she chose not to respond.

However, this time it was a legal letter that said Claire had done a lot of research to track OP and knew why her parents gave up their rights. 

OP wasn’t interested in talking to her half-sister, but she still decided to read her letter. Claire revealed that OP’s birth parents had an extramarital affair. OP explained:

“I was the by-product of it and when the other spouses had found out, there was a serious conflict.”

OP was her mother’s first child and her father’s fourth one. Since they gave her to an adoption home and refused to care for her, OP didn’t want to meet them.

Her sister’s letter also revealed that she discovered a photo of OP and her birth certificate in her father’s closet. Upon confrontation, he denied OP’s existence. 

Claire didn’t believe her father and wanted to know more about OP. After investigating her father’s past, she discovered OP’s mother and contacted her family. OP explained:

“My biological mother’s family was surprised at finding out I existed, they shamed their mother, who gave up my information almost immediately.”

Other siblings also reached out to OP, but she chose not to respond to any of them. Instead, OP talked to her aunt, who was a social worker. She told OP to remain cautious while dealing with Claire.

She wrote back to Claire, telling her that she wasn’t interested in talking to her, but that didn’t work. Claire tracked her on Facebook and flooded her inbox with messages.

Claire claimed that OP’s mother was sick and wished to meet her, to which OP replied that she needed to see her medical reports. The truth was that OP wasn’t interested in meeting her mother.

When OP refused Claire’s request, other siblings started berating her on Facebook for being rude to her. OP also mentioned that she suspected her birth mother wasn’t sick because she never saw the medical reports.

The girl posted her story on Reddit to get advice from strangers. irulan519 replied that OP’s half-siblings were wrong since they kept on forcing her to meet her mother. 

hecknono told OP that her siblings were only trying to blackmail her into meeting her birth mother. She stated OP has the right to refuse, and her siblings should understand that. Another user named Exact_Lab replied:

“You proceeded with caution and found out they are too much drama. I’m wondering if she’s sick and needs an organ.”

OP read this comment and replied that she wasn’t eligible to donate organs since she had just had surgery to get a pacemaker in her heart. 

Most users supported OP and told her to stay away from Claire and her siblings. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a man who broke into a woman’s house who he had been stalking for months. 

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