Parents Forced Woman To Give Up Baby For Adoption, 52 Years Later She Got a Message From Daughter

A woman finally met the daughter she had only hoped to see in the next life after five decades. Her daughter reached out to her after her adoptive parents passed away.

Reunion stories are filled with countless emotions and never-ending love. They prove that one should never lose hope or despair despite the hard times because the best things come to those who wait. 

Donna Pavey had a beautiful baby girl more than fifty years ago, her firstborn. Sadly, she couldn’t cherish motherhood because her parents forced her to give the child away. 

Donna Pavey pictured with her biological daughter, Sharon Glidden. | Photo: News

Pavey drifted apart from her beloved baby, not having any choice in the matter, but she never stopped thinking about her. Every day, she prayed for her daughter’s well-being. 

She hoped that her baby girl had found a loving and supportive family with affectionate adoptive parents. When Pavey grew up, she got married and started a family. 

She and her husband had two more daughters, but a part of her longed to see her long-lost firstborn. Her birthdays would come and go, leaving Pavey gloomy and blue. 

Donna Pavey with her other two daughters. | Photo: News

The desperate mother decided to do everything she could to search for her daughter. She even kept her maiden name, hoping it would help her daughter find her. But nothing helped. 

The mother and daughter pair shared the same smile and eyes and owned similar bedazzled shoes.

One day in 2017, after more than five decades, Pavey received a message on Facebook from Sharon Glidden, who said she was her long-lost daughter. Glidden lived in Oklahoma with her adoptive family.

Donna Pavey and daughter, Sharon Glidden, share an emotional moment. | Photo: News

Shortly after her adoptive parents’ death, she discovered she was adopted. Then, she decided to look for her biological family, and her search led her to Pavey. Glidden met Pavey at her other daughter’s home in Burnet, Texas. Glidden also expressed:

“I feel like I’m floating. It is surreal for me.”

The emotional moment of reunion was filled with warm hugs, tender kisses, and tears of joy. Glidden uttered, “I love you,” as she melted in Pavey’s embrace. She was also flabbergasted, seeing how much she resembled her birth mom.

Donna Pavey shares an emotional hug with her daughter, Sharon Glidden. | Photo: News

The long-lost mother-daughter duo broke down as they felt and touched each other after 52 years. Glidden shared she had felt like a fish out of water her entire life and was relieved to know she finally fit somewhere. Pavey also added:

“I knew I would see her in heaven, but I never dreamed this day would come.”

The mother and daughter pair shared the same smile and eyes and owned similar bedazzled shoes. They had also been cheerleaders. Glidden told her mom she’d build her a home in Oklahoma near hers and would never part from her again.

Pavey shared she had thought she’d only meet her daughter in eternal life at one point. Glidden believed that fate conspired in making their reunion possible.

Indeed, miracles happen when we least expect them, and we’re glad this lovely duo experienced it firsthand.

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