Parents Adopt Older Girl Born with No Hands, Feet or Mouth and Give Her a New Life

A couple adopted a special girl born without hands, feet, or a mouth. Their lives have been the happiest since they welcomed her into their family. 

In 2017 an ordinary day set Nick and Kate Hayes’ lives on an entirely different trajectory. Nick told his wife that something was on his heart, and he needed to share it with her. 

He told her that God placed adoption on his mind and asked him to reach out to a little girl in a destitute condition millions of miles away from them. The thought stuck with both of them and the couple continued to pray about it.

A family adopted a girl that was born without a mouth, hands or feet | Photo: Instagram/ & Youtube/Kate Hayes


After some time, they contacted an adoption agency to get the ball rolling. Most applications encourage parents to adopt kids younger than their biological children and to avoid adoptees with disabilities.  

However, the Hayes couple wanted to bring home one of the “harder to get adopted” kids. When they looked at a list of kids in need, they noticed one 10-year-old girl. She didn’t have a mouth opening, hands, or feet.


The little girl had various ailments counting against her, but the couple felt peace when they looked at her. Kate shared

“God was definitely calling us far out of our comfort zone and providing us with his sweet assurance.” 

Little Melanie never let her condition keep her back. She can ride a horse, a bike, run, jump and write just like anyone else. Her determination and passion were admirable, and the couple was drawn to her even more.

They knew they wanted to adopt her. It was a long and tedious adoption process, but it was worth it. Once it was official, they were thrilled. The couple took a trip to the Philippines to meet their daughter.

Their first meeting was emotional, and mom Kate expressed: “That first hug was a statement, a message, and a relief all in one. It felt like an exhale. ‘Finally…. family.'” Melanie was welcomed in the Hayes home and never looked back.

Over the years, she has become a confident little girl that has brought immeasurable joy to her parents and siblings. Kate added:

“We could not be more grateful to God for allowing us to call this precious girl our daughter.” 

They share their journey on Kate’s Youtube channel, and netizens are constantly in awe of the love and light that resonates from the family.

One user wrote: “Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story and advocating for Melanie and children like her.” Someone else added: “Just wanted to say thank you for adopting Mel and giving her a loving family like you.”

Users were happy that little Melanie would undoubtedly be taken care of by her family. Her smile continues to shine as she enjoys the love found in her forever home.   

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