Overweight Teen Loses 141 Pounds to Silence Bullies, Wearing a Stunning Dress to Prom

In 2018, Josie Desgrand proved that with discipline and determination, anything is possible. The teenager lost about 141 pounds in 12 months after being bullied in high school. Here’s how she did it.

After being bullied over her size for a long time, a teenager took the bulls by the horn and made herself a promise — she was not going to be fat anymore. Following her decision, the long battle to cut her weight in half started.

After losing 141 pounds (60 kilos), she went to prom in a beautiful dress and made her haters regret bullying her. Here’s the fascinating story of 17-year-old Josie Desgrand from Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.

Pictures of Josie Desgrand at various points of her weight loss journey | Photo: instagram.com/nolongerfatjosie


Josie Desgrand tipped the scales at 280 pounds at just 16. Because of her large size, the teenager had become a victim of constant bullying, which destroyed her self-esteem. The low self-esteem got even worse whenever she scrolled through her Instagram feed.

She saw pictures of slim models smiling back at her, and she knew something had to change. The teenager had tried dieting before, but she always failed. Instead of getting thinner, she was eating more and more. Feeling sorry for herself, she would binge on junk food.

In February 2018, Desgrand told Daily Mail Australia that she would constantly eat bread and wraps in huge portions. Often, she went back for a second and even a third round of food. However, Desgrand changed everything with a promise to herself. 

As prom night drew closer, Desgrand was determined not to wear a big dress. So, she started her weight loss journey naturally by eating healthy and exercising. She did away with carbohydrates, sugar, and bread.

Instead, she ate fruits high in protein and fiber in smaller portions. She admitted to Daily Mail that she ate more fats, sweet potatoes, meat, vegetables, salad, and three pieces of fruit a week.

It took only 12 months for Desgrand to achieve her dream, shredding 141 pounds. Most importantly, she could finally fit into a gorgeous strapless red dress, which she bought from the Miss Savage label.

She graced the occasion looking dashing and confident, to the amazement of everyone. The teenager said her friends were proud of her, and one of them said she was an inspiration. Desgrand said she felt amazing, and looking that way made her night very special.


Josie Desgrand has since created an Instagram account dedicated to sharing the story of her weight loss journey. In 2019, she shared a before and after picture of herself in red outfits.

In the caption, Desgrand revealed that she created the page to inspire and motivate people by sharing her challenges and how she overcame them. 

In another post, the teenager shared a photo of herself weighing 162kg and 62kg. She advised her fans to start any journey they wanted and not wait for motivation. As of 2018, a book about Desgrand’s weight loss journey was in the works, and she remains an inspiration. 

In a similar weight loss story, a woman who had been booed and even gotten death threats because of her weight decided to put her haters to shame. In 2019, Hattie met with a dietician who advised her to go for bariatric surgery after shedding a few pounds.

However, Hattie took matters into her hands and started eating healthy and reducing her portions. She added exercises like walking and swimming, and gradually she started losing weight. She then hired a personal trainer to help with the workouts properly.

Stories like Desgrand’s and Hattie’s are proof that with proper attitude and determination, one can achieve whatever goals they set. These two continue to share their stories and photos to inspire others. 

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