Orphan Boy Learns His Teacher in the Orphanage Is His Father — Story of the Day

An orphan nearly loses his life on a railway track but is saved by his teacher from the orphanage, who turns out to be his father; the man had been watching over him the whole time. 

It took a near-death experience for Steve to meet his father. No, it’s not an exaggeration; it’s what really happened. 

The 15-year-old had lived in an orphanage all his life. It was all he knew, and the children there were the only family he knew. 

Steve lived in an orphanage all his life. | Photo: Shutterstock

Steve was an average boy who enjoyed life as an orphan, mostly because of the efforts one of the teachers put into his job. 

The man, Kyle Shaw, was in charge of teaching the older children since many could not afford to be sent to good schools. Steve loved Kyle’s class because he seemed to be genuinely at home with teaching the kids. 

The teachers were mostly volunteers, which meant they were not obligated to put their all into the job, and many didn’t, but Kyle was not one of them. 

In addition to that, he seemed to favor Steve above any other student. Nobody knew why and Kyle never spoke about it, believing that nobody could tell he was paying more attention to the boy.

Steve learned to be happy living in an orphanage | Photo: Unsplash

Kyle had a wife, Lisa, and when he met her, she already had a daughter named Lilibet. His wife and her daughter hated Kyle. 

The woman had only married him because she needed a stable partner who could keep a roof over her head, but nothing he did was enough. They spent all his money and would often humiliate him. 

One day, Kyle organized a field trip for the older kids in the orphanage. The excursion was to the neighboring town, so they went by electric train. The railway was different from the one the kids were used to, and they were in awe of it.

Steve, who loved trains, was entranced too, but in just a split second, he accidentally fell on the rails and a train was coming!  Kyle, who always had his eye on him, noticed this and yelled “NO, SON!!!” before jumping on the rails to save him. He barely had time to throw Steve away from the rails and jump to the side before the train rumbled past with speed. 

Kyle thought about how to explain to Steve that he was his father | Photo: Shutterstock

The incident was a shock, so the excursion was consequently canceled, and they all returned to the orphanage. But Steve had qestions for Kyle. 

“You called me ‘son'”, Steve said. “Why?” 

Shaken by the incident, Kyle could not keep quiet about things anymore, so he confessed to Steve. “It’s because I’m your father, Steve,” he said, his eyes fixed on the boy, watching his every reaction. 

Steve was floored by the confession, but when he said nothing, Kyle continued. 

“I had a girlfriend when I was young. Her name was Jenny, and she loved me very much, but I wasn’t ready to give up my life of fun.” 

Kyle told Jenny that he didn’t want to live as a responsible adult | Photo: Pexels

Kyle told Steve about how he drank too much and made a habit of partying with his friends every day and cheating on Jenny. When she told him that she was pregnant, he could not accept responsibility for it, so he quarreled with her and left. 

Jenny had no money to raise Steve, so she took him to the orphanage, and a few months later, she passed away because of health troubles.

Kyle found out about what happened a decade after when he had already met and married Lisa, but he decided he would watch over Steve from then on behind his family’s back.

This was not easy; Lisa was a very observant woman, and her child was like her extra pair of eyes and ears. To fool them, Kyle volunteered as a teacher, and it immediately got him closer to his son, whom he fell in love with immediately. 

“Why didn’t you say something all these years?” Steve asked. 

“I thought that you would never talk to me anymore if you learned the truth, and I would lose the opportunity to stay close to you.”

A sad Kyle after explaining to Steve why he abandoned him over the years | Photo: Pexels

When Steve heard that, he burst into tears and ran away to hide somewhere Kyle could not find him. That night, the young boy escaped from the orphanage and made his way to the graveyard where his mother was buried. 

Kyle was waiting there for him in his car, but he remained discreet, choosing instead to watch Steve sitting near his late girlfriend’s grave and crying. 

After a few minutes, Kyle went and sat next to him. 

“How did you know where I was?” the boy asked his father. 

“Every time you come here, I would sit in my car and watch you. I know that you escaped from the orphanage. I also come here often to talk to her… Because I loved her. But It took me time to understand that. I also love you, Steve! More than anything else in the world, and I hope you can forgive me.” 

Steve cried as Kyle told him he was his father | Photo: Pixabay

Kyle hugged Steve who couldn’t help but be moved to tears. All this time, his father was watching over him, and he was the same man he looked up to at the orphanage. He remembered how he almost lost his life at the station, and it made him believe in his father’s words and forgive him. 

Kyle was happy to be finally free of his secret and knew what he had to do next. Having made up with his son, he summoned up the courage to end things with Lisa, then he took his boy home, and they lived happily from then on. 

What can we learn from this story?

  • Take that risk to live in truth. Kyle would have opened up to his son a long time ago but was afraid of things going wrong, so he denied his son the truth for years until fate orchestrated the big reveal. It is important to find the courage to take risks, especially for the side of truth. 
  • Actions speak louder than words. Steve forgave him because he remembered how the man risked his life for him at the station. It showed Kyle’s dedication and helped Steve make the decision to put the past behind them. 

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