Old Widower Ponders Cutting Granddaughter’s Inheritance in Favor of Relative He Never Met

A 60-year-old man revealed a shocking family secret on Reddit, which made him reconsider his will. He asked other users if it would be wrong to rethink how his estate would be divided among his granddaughters.

The man had a 38-year-old daughter and two granddaughters. The older granddaughter was 20 years old, and the younger one was 16 years old. 

A strange incident took place in the family, which revealed something the man had no idea about. The entire family was shocked to learn the truth and didn’t know how to react to it. 

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OP (Original Poster) revealed that his wife died some years ago, so he only had his daughter, her husband, and children by his side. He also shared that his will revolved around his two granddaughters only. 

One day, his son-in-law decided to go for a paternity test since he suspected his wife had cheated on him. OP confessed that he always thought his younger granddaughter didn’t resemble her parents. He explained:

“My granddaughter never really looked like my daughter or her husband but I loved her all the same.”

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Despite how his granddaughter looked, the man treated her like he treated his other granddaughter. However, things took a different turn when the test results came.

She had to look for another way to track her biological daughter. 

The results said that OP’s son-in-law wasn’t the father. When he confronted his wife about it, she said she had never cheated on him and refused to accept the accusations.

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To prove herself right, OP’s daughter went for a DNA test as well. To her surprise, the results revealed that she wasn’t her daughter’s biological mother either. 

Stunned, she wanted to get to the bottom of it, so she attempted to inquire at the hospital where her daughter was born. She suspected her biological daughter was switched with another baby at birth.

Things got complicated for OP’s daughter when she discovered the hospital had shut down. She had to look for another way to track her biological daughter. 

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Meanwhile, OP’s daughter told him that in case she located her biological child, she wanted the child to be involved in their lives, which meant he had to alter his will and include the child in it. So far, OP explained:

“I have two grand daughters and right now my will treats them as equal.”

When he suggested distributing his estate evenly among three instead of two, to include the potential biological child of his daughter, his older granddaughter thought it wasn’t fair. She didn’t want him to reduce her share in his estate.

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Instead, his daughter and older granddaughter suggested dividing the non-biological granddaughter’s share in half and giving it to his potential grandchild. However, he added:

“This is all presupposing they can find her and she wishes to be in the family.”

OP confessed he wanted to make his potential grandchild a part of his will if he/she wanted to be in the family, but he also feared that dividing everything equally would be unfair to the other two girls.

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He posted his story on Reddit to ask other users for advice. pearlsmech replied that OP was at fault if he decided to decrease his non-biological daughter’s share despite knowing that it wasn’t her fault that she was was switched at birth. 

Another user suggested dividing the estate equally among all three of his grandchildren. She also stated that it would be unfair to punish his non-biological granddaughter. She explained:

“You’ve literally devalued her financially since you found out about this. It’s disgusting.”

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She added that OP’s granddaughter and daughter were also at fault for pushing OP to cut his non-biological granddaughter’s share.  

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