Old Lady Lies to Grandson, Gives Him 2 Conditions to Claim His Inheritance from Late Grandpa

An estranged grandmother reached out to her grandson about a “surprise” inheritance his late grandfather left for him. But she told him he could only possess it if he fulfilled the two conditions mentioned in the will.

A man spilled out on social media about how his estranged grandfather left him a gift before he died and wanted only him to see it. However, his grandmother wasn’t willing to let him have it so easily.

Redditor Boldlyspeedydreamer always had a rocky relationship with his maternal grandparents. His bond with them had gotten so bitter that he refrained from attending his grandfather’s funeral. A few days later, he got a call from his grandmother about an inheritance from his late grandfather.

OP’s late grandfather left a surprise inheritance for him | Photo: Shutterstock

The Original Poster (OP) was startled because he had zero expectations his grandfather would even consider sharing his wealth with him. He refused to believe and told her that it was utterly baseless as he knew how much his grandfather disliked him.

OP’s grandmother told him that even she was equally clueless and that the attorney said it was meant only for his eyes. Then she revealed some conditions.

She explained that he would gain possession of the inheritance only if he divorced his husband and married a girl approved by her.

OP got a surprise call from his estranged grandmother | Photo: Pexels

OP deemed the condition ridiculous and downright refused the offer. He hung up on her and didn’t hear back for quite some time. He was determined not to claim the inheritance in exchange for his peace.

He opened up about the matter to his mom, and she told him that his grandmother was furious. Eventually, OP learned that his grandmother had reached out to all his siblings regarding similar inheritance and conditions.

Meanwhile, people from the Reddit forum advised OP on the several possibilities he could’ve overlooked regarding the clauses his grandma mentioned.

OP decided not to sacrifice his happiness in exchange for wealth | Photo: Pexels

Redditor Chaos_Crow1927 suggested that whatever OP’s grandfather willed out to him could’ve been of great value to him. The person wrote:

“If that’s the case, then a clause like that might have been lied to you about it, as your grandfather is sorry for treating you like trash. Your grandmother might be lying to you so she could get the inheritance.”

Before cutting ties with his grandmother, OP wanted to know if she was truthful and reached out to one of his cousins for more details.

OP reached out to his distant cousin to verify the truth | Photo: Pexels

It turned out that OP’s grandfather left something valuable and wanted only him to possess it. Following the legal formalities, OP went to his grandfather’s house to pick up the item in person. He received a small box and a letter. Deep inside, he was pleased to learn that his grandfather didn’t dislike him as he thought. OP eventually revealed the contents of both the items.

She was restless about what the letter said and the box’s contents.

OP’s grandfather had penned a heartfelt apology for treating him differently. In the letter, the grandfather explained that though he disagreed with OP’s LGBT lifestyle, he regretted instigating his personal views on him. He also gifted him a pair of cufflinks which he would only wear for special events.

OP received a small box and a letter | Photo: Pexels

OP couldn’t believe his eyes. He shared the good news online, and people were overwhelmed about the lovely things OP’s late grandfather left for him. Redditor christhegamer96 said:

“A letter and a small box? Now that sounds interesting… I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that she wanted you to divorce your husband or the fact that she wanted to essentially put you into an arranged marriage.”

OP concluded that his grandmother tried manipulating him to make him straight. She was restless about what the letter said and the box’s contents. OP decided not to tell her as he felt she didn’t deserve to know anything.

OP decided not to tell his grandmother about the letter’s contents | Photo: Pexels

Would you sacrifice your happiness in exchange for a piece of wealth?

OP’s grandmother gave him two strict conditions to claim his wealth: give up his husband and marry a woman of her choice. For OP, the choice was clear. He wouldn’t give up his marriage for inheritance. However, would OP still have made such a decision so easily should that wealth be a substantial amount, say in millions? What would you do if you were in OP’s shoes?

If you were OP, would you cut ties with your grandmother completely after what she did and leave her in the dark about the letter’s contents?

OP’s grandmother tried to manipulate him by lying about the conditions that were not mentioned in his grandfather’s will, in hopes of turning him straight. If you were OP, do you think it would be better for the woman not to know that his grandfather apologized to him? Or would it have been better that she knew?

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