Nurses Help Elderly Man Marry His Beloved in Hospital after He’s Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer

A couple living in Mackworth, near Derby, England, have tied the knot after being together for 40 years. The hospital staff organized the wedding ceremony three days after the groom found out he had incurable cancer. 

Love is a beautiful feeling, transcending all boundaries and having the magical power to comfort people in ways they never thought possible.

For an elderly couple going through their individual battles in life, the only thing that connected them was their love for one another. 86-year-old Keith Turner had known 83-year-old Rita Trickett for four decades. 

Keith Turner and Rita Trickett pictured with a nurse on their wedding ceremony at the Royal Derby Hospital. | Photo:

The two had met while working for the Red Cross in 1969. Trickett was one of the executive officers back then and a good friend of Turner’s wife. After his wife died from cancer, Trickett began taking care of him. Turner also said:

“However, the thought of getting married never was on our mind. I didn’t care too much about labels and we’re both quite independent people.”

Turner shared how Trickett’s comforting presence helped him cope and deal with the trauma of losing his wife. Over time, the two became close and have been together ever since. 

While Turner never thought of popping the big question to Trickett earlier, he knew he had to propose shortly after his diagnosis. The elderly man suffers from an incurable form of cancer, mesothelioma. 

Trickett revealed that her husband has asked for his treatment to be stopped after the ceremony, adding that he’s had enough of it and is tired.

His condition got worse after he suffered from bleeding over the weekend. He was then admitted to the Royal Derby Hospital a week ago. Trickett was also being treated at the same hospital after she suffered a stroke.

Fortunately, she’s now doing much better and has been discharged. Following the couple’s decision to be joined in marriage, the hospital staff helped organize a heart-warming ceremony in only three days after Turner’s diagnosis.

Nurse Amanda Broad, who also acted as a witness, helped organize the perfect last-minute wedding for the couple. The special day included a wedding cake, and the hospital staff even arranged a flower bouquet for the lovely bride.

Moreover, a pinhole flower was crafted for the groom, coupled with buffet and wedding decorations provided by the hospital staff. Broad shared that she felt extremely privileged for being involved in something so memorable. 

Also present at the tearful ceremony was Trickett’s 35-year-old granddaughter Emma Burd. She applauded the hospital staff for organizing everything so brilliantly. Burd also appreciated Broad’s efforts in these words:

“Amanda is a star, both medically and personally. We’re eternally grateful.”

Trickett revealed that her husband has requested his treatment to be stopped after the ceremony, adding that he’s had enough of it and is tired. Sister Nicola Salt captured pictures of the ceremony, and the entire staff wished them love and happiness.

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