Nurse on OnlyFans fired due to co-workers watching her videos at work

Whats up, nurse!

An OnlyFans creator who additionally works as a nurse has claimed she was let go from her job for being a “distraction” to her colleagues.

In a TikTok with over 1.9 million views, Jaelyn, 22, defined that her most important supply of earnings is making OnlyFans content material. And, for the final yr and a half, she’s additionally labored as a nurse for a nursing residence group — till now.

Jaelyn stated she was requested to work sooner or later just lately. However when she clocked in, she was instantly greeted by a lady she’d by no means seen earlier than who requested to communicate with her.

It turned out that the nurses at one of many nursing properties had been wanting at her social Media and OnlyFans account whereas Jaelyn was out of the room and with sufferers.

Jaelyn says she was fired for being an OnlyFans creator.
Jaelyn says she was fired for being an OnlyFans creator.
Although she makes more <a class=Money creating content for OnlyFans, she wants to keep nursing. ” class=”wp-image-23898165″ />
Though she makes extra Money creating content material for OnlyFans, she needs to maintain nursing.

“She said that she can’t have that happening every time that I work so she has to let me go,” she recalled, including the “main reason for letting me go is because they need a job more than I do.”

“Like they paid for my site, so they all could see and look at the nurse’s station while they’re on the clock,” Jaelyn stated incredulously.

Commenters urged her to file a wrongful termination grievance, and to “record everything in an email.”

“That is 110% a lawsuit … no questions asked,” one person wrote. “Unless it specifically says something in the code of conduct for that employer.”

In a follow-up video, Jaelyn stated she met up with the lady who fired her to get a written rationalization to ship to a lawyer.

She added that she continues to nurse — regardless of her profitable OnlyFans account — as a result of the Money she makes within the grownup business can differ a lot.

“You never know what you’re going to make on OF,” she stated. “One month you could make $600 and one month you could make $50,000 — it just really depends.”

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