Nurse Forms Special Bond with Baby Abandoned Because of Her Rare Condition, Ends up Adopting Her

When a little girl was born with a rare health condition, she was abandoned. However, one nurse fell in love with the child and decided to give her a new forever home. 

Amber Boyd was used to taking care of sick people. Her work as a pediatric ICU nurse might even have equipped her for the miracle that would come home with her in 2014. She felt an instant bond with a baby after their first meeting.

Along with her husband Taylor, Amber decided to adopt a little one in need. The Albuquerque couple met baby Nicole when she was just a 3-month-old preemie. It took a few years for the adoption to be finalized, but it was all worth it.  


Nicole, who has a rare condition called omphalocele, struggled to develop and breathe on her own. The youngster required permanent care, and when her biological parents abandoned her, things looked hopeless.

However, nurse Amber was the perfect guardian for her. She shared:

“She was with us for 18 months, and that whole time I was her primary nurse and formed that bond. She is just a fighter … she is just a great kid.”


For the first 11 months of her life, Nicole was frequently sedated so that doctors could operate and treat her condition. If not for Amber, it is uncertain where Nicole would have ended up. Various foster homes were not willing to look after her.  

Taylor was not surprised when his wife suggested fostering a special needs baby. He said: “I think [Amber’s] just a very selfless personality. It is very much in her nature. Just any chance she gets, she does everything she can to be selfless.”

Amber also has a special place in her heart for adoption. As an adoptee herself, she always considered bringing home a baby that needed a safe place. After she fell in love with Nicole’s beautiful smile, she knew she wanted to adopt her officially. 

Amber was a nurse, but she was still intimidated by all of Nicole’s medical needs. She dedicated all of her time to ensure that the baby was cared for.   


In 2016 the courts made the adoption official, and the proud mom and dad could not be happier. Amber said

“She’s incredible. She has learned in one short year … to crawl, stand, and walk.” 

Proud father Taylor added: “I can’t imagine a time without her.” They are forever grateful that she came into their lives and call her “the perfect fit” for their family.   


Nicole was not the only baby that was abandoned because of her medical needs. Safe Surrender was in desperate need of a foster home, and that’s when Grace Kriegel and her husband were asked to step in.

Despite already having a brood of eight kids, they could not turn the baby away. Safe was diagnosed with various congenital disabilities, but this was nothing compared to the love and light she brought to the Kriegels who eventually adopted her as their own. 

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