Nurse Falls in Love with Abused Toddler She Treated–Ends up Adopting Her and Her Sister

A nurse spent a lot of time with a toddler that faced abuse. They formed a special bond, and eventually, the woman made a big life decision. She took in the little one and her twin sister. 

In 2018 a nurse met a young child that was in serious need of tender love and care. The Jacksonville, Florida woman met the twin sisters, who were only one year old at the time. Both of them had faced abuse. 

Delilah and Caroline spent time in the Wolfson Children’s Hospital, and they were kept in the facility’s non-accidental trauma unit. Jess Hamm didn’t plan on adopting a child, let alone two, but her instincts led her down a monumental road.

After meeting sweet little Delilah, the nurse fell in love. Hamm could not forget the little one, and she expressed:  

“My heart was broken. I don’t want to cry. She was just so lifeless, but she still held onto my finger.”

The baby showed severe signs of neglect, and the nurse was immediately drawn to her. When the baby was 14 months old, she could not drink and hold a bottle by herself because she was too weak and malnourished. 

It didn’t take long before Hamm stated that she wanted to take the little girl home. The health care worker followed the required procedures and made plans via the Florida Department of Children and Families.

That’s when she found out about Caroline, Delilah’s twin sister. Quickly, Hamm realized she could not adopt only one of the girls. The woman decided to bring both of them home with her. 

The nurse provides the youngsters with unconditional love and all of their needs, and both have been growing at a great rate. Hamm hopes her story will encourage others to adopt, especially because there are so many needy children. 

Hamm shared: “They’ve been through so much, and they’re completely different kids. If you had met them when I met them, you would be amazed.” 

Her beloved twins are the joy of her life. The proud mom said Caroline is more of a social butterfly and likes chatting to people, while Delilah enjoys sharing kisses with whomever she meets. 

Hamm shared that she always dreamed of becoming a mother and having a family of her own. While she had considered adopting, it wasn’t part of her current plans. 

Hamm said she didn’t think she would adopt a baby when she did. However, after meeting the twins, she made a choice and opened up her home without hesitation. 

Hamm puts forward that she didn’t know real love until she became a mom. The mother followed her heart, and now she is happier than ever.

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