Nurse Discovers New Doctor at Her Hospital Is the Baby Whose Life She Saved 28 Years Before

As a preemie, one man taken to the hospital has now found himself, full circle and back in that same medical facility. One familiar face, however, is there to make his day brighter with her innate compassion. 

In April 1990, a prematurely born and tiny Brandon Seminatore was hurried to the NICU at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford in California.

This crisis was caused after his mother, Laura Seminatore, had to undergo an emergency caesarian. Luckily, this infant was under the best care of the wonderful nurse Vilma Wong and was able to go home for just over a month while in ICU. 

Brandon Seminatore as an infant with Vilma Wong [left]; Brandon Seminatore as an adult with Vilma Wong [right]. │Source:

No longer a newborn and all grown up, Brandon began working at this same hospital as a pediatrics resident. Having touched her heart, the resident’s mother asked him to search for this nurse. Brandon recollected

“My mother said, ‘Look for Vilma. She was our favorite nurse. She took care of you.'”

However, in a synchronistic turn of events, there was no effort on the part of Brandon. Instead, it was down to pure chance that the two bumped into each other at the hospital.

Brandon Seminatore as an infant. │Source: Mornings

In 2018, when the young man was still a fresh face at the facility, Wong came across him, asking what his name was. As soon as he answered, something in the nurse’s head clicked. 

Nurses like Wong play a beautifully integral role in the healing of patients and their emotional well-being.

Wong continued asking him questions as she began to suspect that this was the newborn she had cradled 28 years ago.

Vilma Wong holding a baby Brandon Seminatore. │Source: CBS Mornings

Eventually, they both realized who they were talking to. The resident felt that the moment was not real and was surprised that she remembered who he was. 

Brandon Seminatore with Vilma Wong. │Source: Mornings


This beautiful turn of events was too touching to keep quiet about, and so the hospital itself shared it on their Facebook page. The post partially read

“A chance encounter at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford has led to a heart-warming reunion between nurse and patient.”

It also included a picture of Wong holding the baby. This photo was also next to a snapshot of them as adults and smiling at the hospital. 

The comment section was full of celebratory remarks. Many shared their own experiences with Wong, expressing that she is a fantastic nurse. Francisco Chavarria expressed:

“Vilma is a wonderful friend a marvelous mother and a fantastic professional!!!She has a great loving heart!!”

The Facebook post went utterly viral since it was put online.  It has accumulated 1000 comments and 5000 shares so far. 

Individuals commenting on a Facebook post by Stanford Children’s Health – Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford. ┃Source:


For Wong herself, and at 54 years old by 2018, bumping into her not-so-little patient was a beautiful moment for her behold. She expressed

“As a nurse, it’s kind of like your reward.’’

Nurses like Wong play a beautifully integral role in the healing of patients and their emotional well-being. With the pandemic still biting at our ankles, we must continue to respect and honor their sacrifices.

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