Nobody Wanted to Attend a Girl’s Birthday Because of Her Seizures — One Woman Stepped Up

After her daughter spent several birthdays alone, one mother deeply desired to give her a special party. A friend took matters into her own hands and gave the girl an unforgettable Sweet 16 celebration. 

Toward the end of October 2021, a remarkable girl turned 16. If not for the efforts of a kind woman, the day would have passed by like any other.

When mom Trina told a friend about her daughter’s desire to have a party, the woman offered to plan something special. Trina had a difficult pregnancy with her baby Scarlett, and sadly the girl displayed various developmental delays as she grew.

A girl lost some friends after she was diagnosed with epilepsy, then a kind woman planned an unforgettable Sweet 16 party for her | Photo: Instagram/unsocially.acceptable

In 2019, their family experienced a terrifying incident. Trina heard Scarlett coughing, and when she asked her if she was okay, there was no reply. The mother walked toward her child and shockingly found her lifeless on the couch. 

Doctors first said she passed out due to dehydration, but then Scarlett had another seizure a few weeks later, and the episodes became more frequent as time went by. 


Trina first noticed a change in her daughter’s social world when they invited people over for her 14th birthday party. Many declined, and this saddened Scarlett. 

“She wasn’t happy about not having a party, but I told her she could shop until her heart was content at the festival. This seemed to make up for it.” 

In 2019, doctors revealed that Scarlett had Left Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. They put her on medication that helped with her condition, but sadly, most of her old friends seemed to disappear from her life.  

Trina said: “One day, I reached out to a friend and asked why she had cut off communication. This time I got a response: She told me it was better if we stopped talking as she didn’t want her daughter to witness a seizure.”


The isolation left Scarlett lonely, and the 2020 covid-19 pandemic did not help matters. Her 15th birthday came and went, and Trina felt like she had failed as a mother.

One day, Scarlett began dreaming about her Sweet 16. The plans scared Trina, and she shared her concerns via an online blog.


To her surprise, many people wanted to help. A woman named Angela vowed to plan the entire party. Angela asked Trina for a suitable date and organized the surprise party of Scarlett’s dreams.

Trina shared: “People we didn’t even know attended and brought gifts. It was so magical, and the look on Scarlett’s face is a look I will never forget.” Trina shared some photos from the party on Instagram, and netizens commented. 

One user wrote: “That’s so awesome, and I’m so sorry what you went through before. I had no idea.” Others wished Scarlett a happy birthday, and many said they were excited about her next chapter.

For Trina, the Sweet 16 was much more than a birthday party—it left her daughter feeling loved and treasured after battling epilepsy and losing many of her friends. 

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