Nicole Kidman Shuts Down Interviewer Who Asks Her About Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman shut down an interviewer who was keen to know whether her take on her new movie “Being the Ricardos” was a response to her failed marriage with Tom Cruise. 

In an interview with The Guardian, Kidman said that she loved playing Lucy in the film because she thought that the story was beautiful. The actress mentioned that sometimes you fall in love with someone with who you won’t spend the rest of your life with. 

While the actress was alluding to the fact that not every love story has a happy ending, the interviewer asked if her marriage to Tom Cruise had influenced her opinion on the matter. 

Kidman immediately defended herself, saying she did not think about that anymore and said that she did not think the interviewer would have asked a man the same question. She then said at some point she had to say, “Give me my life. In its own right.”

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