Nicole Kidman Put Her Acting Career on Hold in 1984 and Studied Massage to Help Her Mother

For Nicole Kidman, family is all that matters! The Hollywood star whose love for her mom is no secret went as far as to put her career on hold to help her in 1984 as she battled one of the most deadly illnesses.

Top American Movie Star Nicole Kidman is no stranger to the spotlight and all the paparazzi that come with it. She is famous for her uniqueness in the movie industry, and it turns out she is also a loving daughter while not at work.

Nicole has proven that her mother Janelle means everything to her with the great support she offered while the older woman was diagnosed with a deadly ailment. Nicole’s efforts did not go to waste as her mom came out healthy after battling cancer.


Born Nicole Mary Kidman, the “Bombshell” star grew up in Melbourne, Australia, with her mum, sister Antonia, and dad Anthony Kidman – a psychologist who died after a tragic heart attack. Nicole made her film debut at 16 with an appearance on “Bush Christmas.”

Over the years, the actress has made a name for herself with her acting prowess, and she is the recipient of different awards. Her accolades include an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and two Primetime Emmy Awards.

She was further named one of the greatest actors of the 21st century by The New York Times in 2020. The “Batman Forever” actress has also made it no secret that she, Antonia, and her mom Janelle have an unbreakable bond.

Even with her demanding career, she makes time for her mom and sister and has successfully balanced between work and family. Nicole spends her time between the US, Australia, and the UK, with her husband, Keith Urban, and their daughters, Sunday, and Faith. 

She also has two grown-up children, Isabella, and Connor, who she shares with ex-husband Tom Cruise. She married Cruise in 1990 before things went down the drain, and they finalized their divorce in 2001.

Over the years, the Hollywood star has done a good job keeping her family’s life away from the spotlight with only a few appearances on social media. However, while Nicole has a beautiful career and family, things were not always pleasant for the movie star.

She was struck with dread at some point in her life when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Nicole, a mother herself, opened up about Janelle’s illness and the support she rendered during the launching of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. She said:

“My mother had breast cancer and it was quite advanced breast cancer. She had chemotherapy and radio and is a survivor now. I want that to be heard.”

When asked if she was frightened by the idea of cancer, the doting daughter made it known that she had to nurse her mom back to good health when she was a teenager.

Nicole was 17 when her mother was diagnosed, and her experience with a cancer patient sure has its effect on her. The actress further revealed that her mom still lives in constant fear, and she always tries to stay vigilant.

Nicole also noted that she has some friends in their early thirties who are already battling cancer. Consequently, she advises the public to stay aware of their health as the disease doesn’t only affect older people.


While Nicole and Janelle couldn’t do without each other, the two had to stay apart due to the pandemic’s restrictions. The mother-daughter duo was separated for eight months, and Nicole was filled with an unmistakable joy when they eventually reunited. She shared the emotional reunion on social media. 

A snapshot of the reunion uploaded on social media featured the 54-year-old award-winning actress and her mother sharing a tight embrace. In the photo, Nicole left her blond curls falling around her shoulders as she sported a black jumper while her mom wore a red one. 

The moving image attracted lots of lovely comments from Nicole’s “Big Little Lies” co-star, a close friend, and fans who have equally been away from their loved ones due to the pandemic. Others also shared emojis displaying all kinds of emotional expressions.

Nicole and Janelle’s reunion isn’t the first time the two have displayed affection publicly. The movie icon and her husband Keith Urban were once spotted taking a walk with Janelle by her home on the Lower North Shore. 

The couple first dropped by at the older woman’s house while in Sydney with their daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. The mother and daughter were captured rocking winter ensembles as they went out for a walk.

However, while Nicole and most of her relatives remain significantly close, the star and her adopted daughter with ex-husband Cruise have an estranged relationship. News reports revealed that the movie icon and her daughter aren’t the closest due to the Scientology rift.


Isabella became Nicole’s daughter in 1992 while the actress was still married to Cruise. However, the mother and child allegedly became estranged due to Isabella’s devotion to the Church of Scientology.

Although there has been no news of reconciliation, fans can’t help but wonder if the two have settled their differences. The speculations came after Isabella gave hints that their dispute might be over for the first time in years.

Nicole and Isabella have not had any public mother and daughter moments in years. Even while Isabella was getting married to Computer Programmer Max Parker in a secret ceremony in London, 2015, the actress didn’t attend despite being in the same state.

But Isabella shocked all fans after liking one of Nicole’s posts on social media. Nicole’s image featured her in a green dress and hiking boots as she stood on a staircase. Another photo posted showed Nicole in a patterned dress and red hat. 

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