New Moon in Aries May 2022 Astrology Meaning & Horoscope

New Moons are a time for rejuvenation and manifestation. If you have a lack in your life, then this is the time that it will be filled. Whether it’s a new experience, person, or item, during the New Moon, we must make space for beginnings and foolish behavior. Mind you, we are all fools when starting something new.

The New Moon in Aries is serving “just heal” vibes, and now it’s up to you to eat or nah. On Friday, April 1, 2022, the New Moon will be in the zodiac sign of Aries. New Moons occur once a month when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, meaning they’re at the same place in the same zodiac sign.

Because the Moon represents feelings and emotions, many spiritualists see New Moons as a time for manifestation. Basically, if there’s someone you’ve had your eyes on, or a personal goal you’re ready to commit to, the New Moon is a wonderful time to put the gears in motion.

The Moon will officially become new at 2:23 A.M. at 11 degrees. This New Moon serves as a reminder that there is no such thing as a “self-made” success story—sorry, Kylie! Even within the self-determined and independent sign of Aries, success is most often found by surrounding ourselves with other ambitious people. As you focus on your intentions, take time to appreciate your friends and acquaintances. The collective consciousness has a way of rewarding people who are grateful for those around them.

Read your horoscope for the New Moon in Aries:


What a wonderful time to express yourself in your usual Aries fashion. You must allow room to appreciate yourself, Aries. In order to be happy and free, you must be able to let go of self-limiting insecurities. Take time to write down your personal strengths and best qualities. During this New Moon, focus on embodying more of what you like about yourself.


How easy it is to flow through life and neglect to recognize where you’re still growing. Take time to let go of shame, especially if you have spent a great deal of time ruminating about it. You can’t take back the actions of your past, but you can be your best self moving forward.


One of your greatest strengths is the community you surround yourself with. You may not always dwell on how fortunate you are to be blessed with great minds and amazing vibes, but you should. This New Moon is a time for you to show your appreciation by reaching out to your acquaintances. Let people know that you are thinking of them!


Here’s a great opportunity for you to get one step closer to the life you want to live. Be brave as you consider what your life’s work is, the impact you wish to make on the world, and who you want to be known as. When you have clarity over your career and image, it’ll be easier for you to achieve your goals.


Before you can make the changes you desire, you must be willing to accept and implement new knowledge. Sometimes you take information and run with what it means to you, without thinking things through. Be careful about projecting your sense of normalcy onto anyone else. We’re all weird, and this New Moon is a great time to meditate on what that means to you.


Letting people in is never quite easy for you. True friendship means accepting that sometimes you are the bad guy, the one spewing toxicity onto others. We all have issues that need to be worked through, but someone who appreciates you for you will extend their umbrella. There’s no need to justify standing in the rain, alone.


An opportunity to heal a close relationship presents itself. Be open to at least hearing people out. You’re an expert on your own perspective, so become a student in listening to your loved ones. If their words and actions don’t make sense, then act accordingly. There is peace in learning to move forward and starting anew.


Are you ready to make necessary changes to your life? Keep your awareness on your health and routine, because irregularities can allude to unnoticed problems. You need to be mindful of your mortality. Remember that your body was not created to be invincible. Honor yourself this New Moon with a self-care ritual—even better if you follow it through for the rest of the lunar year.


If you’re open to love, it will have a place to be held. If you close yourself off from receiving the care you deserve, you’ll only have yourself to blame. Be honest with your needs, desires, and wants. When we are direct with our desires, then it becomes easier to attract them.


Home calls, which can feel exhausting. Even when the air around our origins is sweet, your recollection of home might be polluted. Under this New Moon, try to be careful with your words and have patience with your opinions. What can feel like a frustrated family member might be a loved one who’s blooming.


Before you change the way you express yourself, question why you want to. Are you aligning yourself with a more confident version of yourself, or are you pandering to other people’s expectations? When you make a statement with your soul, be sure you can support it. The New Moon sparks change, so try to rain in an appropriate direction.


In the back of your mind, you’re thinking about how you spend money and who has enough money. You’re a natural giver, and when within your means, you tend to offer what you can. Time, resources, and funds are valued forms of care you’re willing to share as needed. This New Moon in Aries represents a new financial season, so set your budget and build your wishlist for the new lunar cycle.

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