New Blood’ Fans Outrage at Show’s Finale Twist While Wondering about the Second Season

“Dexter: New Blood” season one is finally over, and the tragic twist has left fans outraged. After the preceding series “Dexter” ended a decade ago,  fans named it one of the worst series endings they’d ever seen.

To redeem themselves, Showtime revived the series with “Dexter: New Blood,” which featured Dexter living in Iron Lake, New York, under a fake identity, a decade after he faked his death in Miami. 

“Dexter: New Blood” saw Dexter return to his old serial killing ways. As the finale unfolded, it revealed Dexter getting arrested by his love interest, Police Chief Angela Bishop, for the murder of Matt Caldwell. 

Morgan Dexter and his son Harrison during a scene on “Dexter: New Blood.” Photo: |

While he successfully dodged her questions, Bishop began suspecting that Dexter was the Bay Harbor Butcher, which Angel Batista later confirmed. 

Dexter then escaped jail and into the woods after killing Logan. He went on a rendezvous with his son Harrison and plans on fleeing Iron Lake for good. 

However, Harrison questions Dexter’s motives. Realizing that his father is behind the killings of innocents such as Deb and Rita, Harrison shoots Dexter with his rifle. 

Interestingly, Dexter walks Harrison through working the trigger and allows his son to put him down. Bishop shows up in yet another shocking twist and lets Harrison go. The ending shows Harrison driving away from Iron Lake.


The ending, however, did not sit well with many fans, and they took to Twitter to express their disappointment. Some, however, thought the ending was brilliant and hoped for a second season. 

One fan expressed how “sloppy,” they thought the execution of the ending had been, calling it an insult to Dexter’s fans. They shared that they would henceforth pretend they never watched the series.

Another hoped that Harrison had shot Dexter with a fake bullet and that they would possibly meet up in a different city. However, speaking to Deadline, “Dexter: New Blood,” showrunner Clyde Phillip confirms that Dexter is indeed dead.

He also shared that if Showtime were up for a continuation of the story, the following season would focus on Harrison, seeing as fans still do not know much about him.

“Harrison is such a complicated character, and he has within him the seeds of the dark passenger. He’s capable. Look at that takedown of Dexter in the end. What’s in Harrison is that he has to kill this man.” Phillip shared.

He added that Harrison’s character is someone fans would love to see more of. And based on some fans’ reactions to the finale, it seems a possible continuation might soon be underway. 

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