Neighbor Calls Police on a 12-Year-Old Boy Who Mistakenly Mowed Their Lawn

A Maple Heights boy got some much-needed publicity for his business after a neighbor called the cops on him for mistakenly mowing their lawn. His business has since experienced a tremendous boom.

12-year-old Reginald Fields founded Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service over the 2018 summer break to help save up enough money to expand his ventures.

However, his business experienced a major hitch when he mistakenly plowed his mower through the wrong lawn. Luckily, he was able to turn the mistake in his favor, earning him more customers.

His adventure happened in the town of Maple Heights, where he resided with his family. Reginald, who ran his business alongside his cousins and siblings, set out, as usual, one summer day to work for Lucille Holt.

While going about their business, the kids suddenly saw the cops approaching them. Confused at first, Reginald eventually learned his customer’s next-door neighbor had called the cops on them. He explained:

“They said I was cutting their grass. I didn’t know it!”

Holt, who also shared the kids’ surprise, admitted she was at a loss until the officers explained to her that her neighbors filed a complaint that the kids cut a section of their yard.

The complaint also suggested the group of young entrepreneurs was trespassing on the neighbor’s property. Interestingly, the disputed space was only about one foot, marking the boundary between the two properties.

After weighing in on the situation, the responding officers simply took their leave without uttering a word to the kids. Holt, who never understood why her neighbor chose to make a fuss over the situation, shared the incident on Facebook.

She accompanied the post with a video showing the boys mowing the lawn, perhaps to have netizens point out if she missed anything. The clip immediately garnered thousands of views and comments, mostly reprimanding the neighbor for being unreasonable.

It was shared several times, eventually making its way into the headlines. Commenting on a YouTube video of the incident, shared by a news outlet, one person wrote:

“The person that called the cops needs to be fined. It’s not an emergency.”

Most commenters noted it would have been easier to step outside and nicely inform the kids they were working on the wrong lawn rather than escalating the issue. A comment read:

“Why not just tell him it was a simple mistake. I would have told him, then paid him.”

Perhaps the neighbor’s irrational move was a blessing in disguise for young Reginald. After the news went viral, several people began a search for the preteen, all eager to patronize his company.

A GoFundMe page was also set up in his honor, raising over $7,000 for the youngster to acquire new equipment to grow his business and make mowing easier. His little centralized business in Maple Heights soon exploded into a state-wide affair.

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