Nanny, 62, Risks Her Life to Save Toddler from Approaching Car and Is Later Hospitalized

When an elderly nanny saw that one of the kids in her care was in danger, she acted quickly. She risked her life and ended up in the hospital by pushing a pram to safety. 

A New York nanny faced a dangerous ordeal in 2016 when a vehicle headed towards a toddler she was looking after. She had to think on her feet and push the stroller away from danger to save the baby. In the process, she was hit.

The nanny ended up underneath the car, and witnesses revealed the terrifying experience. One person noticed blood coming from her head, and it was later revealed that she was put into a medically induced coma. 

Crowds gather to help a nanny out from underneath a car [left] Nanny is rushed to the hospital after a car accident [right] | Photo: &


The 62-year-old risked everything for the sake of the child, and according to some of her clients, this was not surprising. A woman who had encountered her as a nanny shared that she viewed her as family.  

During mid-afternoon, an SUV struck Loretta Penn near the Rockville Centre, Long Island. The baby in the stroller was almost five months old and arguably wouldn’t have survived the accident if the car had collided with him.  

The SUV that crashed into a nanny | Photo: Youtube/CBS New York


Thanks to Penn’s bravery, he left the scene unharmed and unaware of the danger. Once the baby was brought to safety, a group of bystanders tried to rescue Penn from underneath the car. 

Along with some officers, they could pull the nanny from the crash. She didn’t look good and displayed signs of needing emergency care. One of the helpers, Alex Antigua, detailed the scenario. 


He stated: “I ran outside to help everybody lift the car. By that time, it was too late because when we were trying to lift the car, it looked like we were hurting her more.” Doctors rushed to treat her wounds and got her into a stable condition. 

The nanny was not in the wrong when the SUV driver crashed into them. While the driver did have a green light, she was required to stop for Penn because she had the right of way. Sadly, the driver didn’t see them.

Police did not charge the 70-year-old driver. Thankfully, the nanny recovered from the ordeal and was called a hero. One user said: “Hope she’ll be okay! God bless her!” Another netizen called the nanny’s selfless actions beautiful. 

Her care for the baby was undeniable, and one of the nanny’s employers shared something remarkable. As Penn went in and out of consciousness after the accident, she only wanted to know if the baby was okay. This again demonstrated her selfless and commendable love for the child.  

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