Moving Moment a Baby’s Face Lights up When He Hears His Parents’ Voice for the First Time

A mother captured the heartwarming moment her baby heard her parents for the very first time. Initially, the child sobbed, but his daddy’s sweet voice was enough to calm him down in seconds.

Parents love celebrating their children’s milestones, especially in the early years. Seeing your child talk and walk for the first time are some of the most blissful feelings ever. 

But sometimes, families struggle to experience such simpler moments. Nonetheless, parents refuse to give up on their children and strive until everything works out for the best. 

[Left] The baby cries as his hearing device is activated. [Right] The baby is “all smiles” after hearing his parents’ voice for the first time. | Photo:

Something similar unfolded with a TikTok mother, Haley Miller, whose life changed when she welcomed her bundle of joy. While she and her husband were thrilled to embrace parenthood, what they then experienced came as a bolt from the blue. 

As it turned out, their little angel’s hearing was impaired, which meant he might never talk or hear. For some time, his parents felt incredibly heartbroken and clueless. 

But thanks to advancements in medical science, the couple was introduced to a cochlear implant, a tiny, surgically implanted electronic device enabling a deaf child to hear properly. 

The precious moment a baby hears his parents’ voice for the first time. | Photo:

The TikToker @haleymariamiller shared her sweet baby’s heart-melting reaction when his hearing equipment was switched on. Initially, the child couldn’t stop crying, but his face lit up when he heard his parents’ voice. 

Cohen’s implants would require up-gradation every few years, but his parents are hopeful about his bright future.

The adorable baby enjoyed the sound of his daddy’s voice and couldn’t help smiling as his mom lovingly gazed at him. The video has become an instant sensation online, garnering 10.6 million views, 2.6 million likes, and 37K comments.  

Netizens leaving touching comments on the TikToker’s viral video clip. | Photo:

Netizens quickly reacted to the heart-melting clip, with many showering the baby with love. One user wrote: “the immediate change of emotion is just so heartwarming (sic).” A second user added: 

“The way he smiles when he hears YOUR voice. Thank you for sharing such a precious moment.”

A third user shared: “I’m literally in tears thank God for technology and people who dedicate their lives to make things better like this little fellow (sic).” No wonder, the baby’s adorable expressions are incredibly gratifying. 


Much like the TikToker @haleymariamiller and her husband celebrating their baby’s milestone of hearing for the first time, a couple from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, were lucky to experience something similar with their child. 

Tamara Nevin and Brian Gorman welcomed their boy Cohen in March 2020. At seven weeks, they discovered that Cohen was profoundly deaf. The couple was shattered until the doctors told them about cochlear implants. 

At eight-and-a-half months, Cohen underwent a three-hour surgery where the implants were installed in his ear. After a week, the devices were activated, and he could hear properly. 

Three months later, the little angel enjoyed music and hearing his own voice. He had started interacting with other children at childcare and spoke words like “mumma” and “bubba.” Cohen celebrated his first birthday on March 22. His mom told Daily Mail: 

“Our hope is he’ll have a normal childhood and life as possible (sic).” 

Cohen’s implants would require up-gradation every few years, but his parents are hopeful about his bright future. We’re glad the TikTok mom’s bundle of joy and the adorable Brisbane baby were given a new chance at life thanks to cochlear implants.

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