Mother Who Wished Son Was ‘Never Been Born’ and ‘Died’ Asks Him for Help Years Later

After refusing to pay for his mother’s cancer treatment, a confused man took it to Reddit to seek advice from strangers. His terrible childhood memories stopped him from being kind to his ailing mother.

The 27-year-old man felt guilty after refusing to pay for his mother’s cancer treatment, so he asked others for advice. He revealed his painful childhood memories before jumping into the main story.

The man had been through the worst in his childhood because his father disowned him when he turned five, and he had to leave his luxurious lifestyle. He believed his mother played a significant role in destroying his childhood. 

The man’s mother cheated on his father and gave birth to him. When his father discovered the truth, he immediately asked his wife to leave the house with her son. However, he never blamed his father for ruining his childhood. He explained:

“It would be a nightmare to raise someone who was a constant reminder of your wife cheating.”

After OP (Original Poster) and his mother moved into a small apartment from a luxurious mansion, his life became miserable. His mother married another man after a few years.

After her second marriage, OP’s mother neglected him and blamed him for her first divorce. His stepsiblings also believed the same and never missed a chance to ridicule him.

Twenty years later, OP was living his best life.

OP’s family made him feel unwanted. They wished he had died or had never been born in the first place. While his stepsiblings had big rooms to themselves, he was given the smallest one in the house. 

His stepfamily ignored him to the extent that they refused to take him with them to family holidays. He used to stay back, wondering what did he do to deserve this treatment. OP’s personality had also changed because of the constant bullying. He explained:

“It actually came to the point where no one had wished me even a happy birthday since I was 8 years old. I had no friends at school as well, I was that ’quiet’ kid who was always isolated and left out of everything.”

Twenty years later, OP was living his best life. He somehow managed to escape from the toxic environment at his stepfather’s house, got into his dream college, and landed a high-paying job.

While chasing his dreams, OP fell in love with a beautiful woman and got engaged to her. She gave birth to his son, and he lived happily with her until he received a call from his mother. 

OP’s mother recently contacted him because she needed money. She had no source of income to pay her cancer treatment bills, and OP was her only hope.

To her horror, her son refused to pay for her treatment. He said it wasn’t his responsibility and strictly instructed her not to contact him again.

After hanging up, OP received messages from his stepsiblings, ordering him to pay for their mother’s treatment. Annoyed, OP blocked his stepsiblings’ and mother’s numbers on his phone.

A few days later, OP got a call from an unknown number. After receiving the call, OP realized it was his mother calling from her friend’s number. She emotionally blackmailed him by claiming she had sacrificed a lot of things for him, to which OP replied:

“You never sacrificed anything, you gave away everything you had cause you just couldn’t keep your legs closed.”

After OP hung up on his mother, he received insulting messages from his stepsiblings and felt guilty for refusing to pay for his mother’s treatment. As a result, he posted his story on Reddit to ask other users for their opinions. One user



“NTA. You don’t owe anything to your abusers. And everyone has to die eventually”

They told OP to continue enjoying his life because his mother and stepfamily were only contacting him for the money. Other users also believed the same and told OP to stay away from his stepfamily.

Another user replied, “What goes around comes around,” which implied that his stepfamily was now going through the same things they made him go through as a child. 

Most users assured OP he was not at fault. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a babysitter who called the cops after her client didn’t return home on time.  

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