Mother Reunites with Son 3 Decades after Being Forced to Give Him Away, Loses Him Again in Car Crash

Lisa Rolland had lived in a world of shame, unable to reach out to anyone when faced with a traumatic experience as a teen. However, she grew up and found a way to heal, but this did not last long. 

Wearing baggy clothes to hide her secret, Lisa Rolland, a 17-year-old growing up in Scotland in the 1980s, was surrounded by nothing but isolation. 

After falling pregnant, her boyfriend abandoned her, not wanting to take on the role of a father. Her mom also threatened to throw her out of the house if she kept the child. 

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Crying her heart out, her baby, born in October 1982, was taken to foster care. She gave birth to him at a home for mothers who aren’t married. Upon returning to her family, Rolland expressed

“No one comforted me. Bizarrely, no one ever mentioned my baby at all, but he was all I thought about and the pain of losing him was so intense.”

However, soon enough, as she grew older, she had two other children; 29-year old Ben and 15-year-old Jack. Although she loved them dearly, there was still a gaping hole in her chest.

What this mom didn’t know, however, was that this heartbreak was soon to be mended when she managed to reach out to her biological son, and the two eventually arranged a reunion in 2012. Rolland recollected

“It was incredible. Chris had booked a private dining room in a hotel and the moment I saw him, we hugged and hugged.”

When she introduced her biological son to her mother, the mom embraced her grandchild without a second thought. This was starkly different from the shameful reaction that Rolland received as a teen. 


Rolland told her sons, who welcomed the information with ease, as this mom finally got the acceptance she craved as a child.

Sadly, this moment in the sun didn’t last forever, when in July 2019, she received a phone call from her biological son’s girlfriend, Miranda.

She told Rolland that Chris was in ICU in an induced coma after he was involved in a car crash. Sadly, he wasn’t able to survive and passed away later that day.

Although shattered all over again, as if reliving the moment she had to give him to foster care, this mom is still grateful to have had him in her life, even for a short period. 

Mary Eileen Mooney is familiar with the same delight Rolland felt when she reunited with her long-lost biological son after five decades. 

She was only 18 in the late 1960s when she gave her baby up, presumably never to be seen again, especially since it was a closed adoption

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However, thanks to both of them using the 23andme DNA online service, they managed to find one another in March 2021. The duo met on Mooney’s birthday. Her son Bill White said

“I have so much gratitude for this amazing woman… Just to be able to hug her there was unbelievable, one of the greatest days of my life.”

These mothers and sons show that no matter how long it’s been and how many miles away you are from someone you love, hugging them again will always feel like coming home. 

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