Mother Lies to Bridal Shop to See Her Daughter in a Wedding Dress before Dying of Cancer

A dying mom lied to a dress shop to see her daughter in a wedding gown before passing away. Emily Elizabeth detailed her mom’s story on TikTok.

When a person’s terminal illness is cutting their life short, they sometimes have to lie to experience events that they would miss out on.

Such was the case for Emily Elizabeth’s mom, whose time was ticking due to cancer. Although she probably already accepted her fate, there were still a few things she wanted to see before leaving her loved ones. 


One of them was to see her daughter in a wedding dress. To make it happen, she lied to a bridal shop about her daughter’s wedding to make an appointment just to see her in a white gown. Emily shared:

“They made me pop champagne and asked a million questions about my nonexistent future husband. Funniest and saddest moment ever.”

Although there were difficult moments, Emily’s mom made sure to stay active and happy during her final days. In a TikTok post, Emily shared how her mom danced and laughed until her demise, making sure to live each day to the fullest.

It seems that Emily’s mom was not the only dying woman who wished to see her daughter in a wedding gown. A similar situation happened to Lexi Verge, who had always dreamed of wedding dress shopping with her mother, Wendy, one day.

Wedding dresses are considered sentimental to some brides, which is why others choose to wear passed-down gowns to their ceremony.

“I know that wedding dress shopping might not be as special to some people,” she said. “But for my mom and I, it was.” Unfortunately, Wendy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2016, leaving her days numbered.

At first, Wendy’s strength remained, and everything seemed normal, but everything changed overnight. Lexi was 19 at the time and had no plans of getting married yet, but she knew her mom no longer had time. She shared:

“We talked about going to a couple of local bridal shops to look at dresses in the upcoming weeks, but then my mom ended up back in the hospital.”

Wendy found herself in the hospital for the next two months with no positive outlook on the future. So Lexi took matters into her own hands and made special arrangements.

Lexi called Devotion Bridal Lounge and asked for a private appointment. When the day of their schedule came, Wendy was too sick and weak to move.

Fortunately, the store’s owner, Tammy, was kind enough to bring a few gowns to the hospital for Lexi to try while her mother watched. Those moments would be the most precious memories of Wendy. Two months later, she passed away.

Wedding dresses are considered sentimental to some brides, which is why others choose to wear passed-down gowns to their ceremony. Allie Livingwater, for instance, wore her grandmother’s dress from the ’60s to her wedding. Although it was old, it meant a lot.

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