Mother Discovers Daughter’s Biological Parents Are Homeless, Invites Them to Live With Her

What began as a sweet connection soon evolved into a bitter relationship after a woman offered to help her daughter’s homeless biological parents. Here’s the whole story.

In 2013, a woman identified as Vanessa McGrady proved that not all superheroes wore capes when she discovered that her two-year-old daughter’s biological parents were homeless and offered them accommodation in her home.

McGrady and her husband first met baby Grace’s birth mother, Bridgett, four days before the child was born. Grace’s adoptive parents and biological mother shared a love for music, making them bond quickly. 

A picture of Vanessa McGrady and her adopted daughter, Grace | Photo:

Days after their meeting, the pregnant woman finally gave birth. More than anything, McGrady had wanted to become a mother, but she suffered several miscarriages.

Eventually, she turned to adoption and connected to Bridgett and her husband Bill through an adoption agency.  So, after Grace was born, McGrady and her husband adopted the baby and took her to their two-bedroom apartment in Glendale, California. 

After giving up their daughter, Bill and Bridgett kept in touch with McGrady and her husband, Peter, through e-mail and Facebook messages. However, the next two years were filled with complications for the two families.

McGrady and Peter had separated, and Grace’s birth parents got evicted from their home and were homeless. But hope came for the latter family as the baby’s adoptive mother heard of their plight and invited them to live with her.

McGrady’s action badly hurt the couple, destroying the bond they shared.

During a chat with CNN, McGrady said it was rainy, stormy, and cold, and there was nothing else she could do. Bill and Bridgett were living in a tent, and the kind woman felt that it was just right to give them a place to stay for a while.

The birth parents honored McGrady’s invitation and came to live with her. She told the news outlet that Bill and Bridgett were very polite, tidy, and sweet with Grace.

However, McGrady’s bond with her daughter’s biological parents soon became a rift. Contrary to the host’s thoughts, Bill and Bridgett lost their jobs and overstayed their welcome.

McGrady said she did not know they would stay for long, and their presence began to put some strain on little Grace. Bill and Bridgett made no efforts to get new jobs, and they lived recklessly.

Soon, the couple started to rotate between McGrady’s house, their tent, and a shelter. That was when Grace’s adoptive mother stopped Bill and Bridgett from coming into her house.

McGrady’s action badly hurt the couple, destroying the bond they shared. The single mother revealed that it was hard, but she constantly reminded herself that she was Grace’s mother, even though she was adopted.

All of those experiences inspired McGrady to write a book titled “Rock Needs River: A Memoir About a Very Open Adoption.” Unfortunately, she remained out of touch with Bill and Bridgett.

Although she was unsure if she would ever speak to Grace’s biological parents again, she remained open to maintaining a relationship. 

McGrady still thinks of the couple whenever she looks at her daughter and believes they will always be with them.

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