Mother Defies Odds to Beat Stage 4 Cancer for Her Newborn Son

Ashley Hallford pins her ability to beat stage 4 cancer down to her connection with a higher power – but this was not the only miracle that happened in this Wonder Woman’s life. 

A woman of faith, Hallford’s life is nothing short of magical, with the first astounding phenomenon occurring when she and her husband David Hallford tried to have a baby. 

Beating the statistics, and in 2005, Ashley fell pregnant incredibly quickly, but this phenomenon was nothing but a speck of what her future held.

Ashley Hallford in hospital with one of her children as a baby [left]; Ashley Hallford with all three of her children [right]. │Source:

Before she fell pregnant, Ashley felt a knot on the back of her neck but assumed it was just a lymph node. However, while with child, it worsened, and eventually, it was found that it was a cancerous tumor.

Consequently, they had to induce labor at 33 weeks to remove it. They then removed the tumor but could not figure out what kind of cancer it was.

Sadly, although doctors could not label the type of cancer, she was eventually diagnosed with stage 4 and told the malignancy had spread. 


They began with aggressive radiation therapy and chemotherapy, but doctors eventually began losing hope as the cancer showed no signs of slowing down. Ashley recollected

“That’s when they asked me to start taking pictures, videos and writing a journal for my son.” 

The new mother began relying on her faith for strength and hoped for a miracle during this time. In an unbelievable turn of events, she got what she was praying for. 

A few months after she received the tragic news, the mom went in for scans. No one could believe what came up – absolutely nothing. No evidence of disease. The oncologist who was present for the scans, Doctor Debra Miller, expressed:

“It’s nothing short of miraculous.”

At first, she couldn’t comprehend what she was told but eventually realized she was in remission. This phenomenon dumbfounded both her and medical professionals. 

If this weren’t enough, Ashley kept on defying what was thought to be near impossible. Both she and her partner wanted more children. 

However, doctors told the mother that it was not a good idea due to the unknown effects of cancer treatment and the fact that she was in menopause.


Ashley’s conviction that her faith is what got her through dark and seemingly hopeless times isn’t isolated. Many put their hands together in prayer, turning to either their religion or spirituality to help them fight overwhelming battles. 

Heather Knies is one of these individuals, stating that a higher power was significant in her fight against cancer. At only 24 years old, Knies had two tumors in her brain. 

She was diagnosed with glioblastoma and was told that her life was soon to be over. However, just like Ashley, she miraculously survived what was, in essence, a death sentence.

Beyond her belief in God, she has many ideas as to why this happened. This included Knies’s doctors and the support of her loved ones. She also spoke to the strength of the mind, saying that many underestimate its power. Knies said

“People believe that when they get cancer, it will kill them. But I never once thought that.”

Whatever you may believe about these anomalies and inconceivable events, they all leave a sense of wonder in our hearts. Perhaps beyond our own opinions, then, it is this sense of reverence that stays with us forever.

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