Mother Claims 4-Year-Old Child Reminds Her of Their ‘Past Life’ Together: ‘I Was Your Grandma’

A woman was shocked to see her 4-year-old daughter talk about the time when she wasn’t even born. The little girl claimed she was her mother’s grandmother in her past life.

A Reddit user named InformedInTheChaos posted her story on Reddit to see if other users had experienced something similar. To her surprise, numerous other Redditors shared similar stories.

She had heard stories from other parents but had never believed them until it happened to her. She was shocked to see her daughter talk about things that happened way before she was born.

The woman revealed that her daughter “reminded her of their past life together” when she was 4. The little girl often used the phrase “the last time,” referring to her past life. The 4-year-old girl once said:

“Yeah, but that’s what happened last time, not now. When I was older than you, not when you were my mom…”

OP (Original Poster) was amazed to hear her daughter’s words. It shocked her more when she shared accurate details of events that had happened in the past.

The woman shared that she had a twin sister who was a stillborn baby. She claimed she had never talked about her sister in front of her daughter and was shocked when her four-year-old spoke about that incident. 

When her daughter was a child, she claimed she was a boy with yellow hair in her past life.

One day, the woman was chatting with her daughter before going to bed when she remembered things from her past life. The little girl claimed she was her mother’s grandmother back then.

She also mentioned that she died before OP was born, so she had always wished to meet her. She said she had a chance when OP’s mother was pregnant with twins, but unfortunately, her sister couldn’t make it. OP’s daughter said:

“When your sister died, I had to wait until you had a daughter.”

OP couldn’t understand how her daughter could talk about things she had never heard of before. She was sure she had never shared her childhood stories with her daughter.

However, OP had heard about children talking about their past lives, so it wasn’t something entirely new for her. She posted her story on Reddit, and other users shared similar stories in the comments section.

Josette22 shared that a similar incident happened in her family. When her daughter was a child, she claimed she was a boy with yellow hair in her previous life. Surprisingly, when the girl grew up and had a son, he also talked about something similar. 

The little boy asked his mother about his brother, to which she replied that he doesn’t have one. The boy then remembered something from the past and said:

“No, my brother has yellow hair.”


believes her daughter and grandson were brothers in a past life. She posted her comment under OP’s post saying that OP’s story is 100% correct.

Another user named f1orencia found OP’s story very interesting and replied, ” I read that old souls remember past lives when they are kids, and it fades as they grow up.”

After reading f1orencia‘s comment, OP shared that her daughter was now 11, and all she remembers is that she knew OP’s grandmother when she was a child. She explained:

“If I had to wager a guess, I’d say that her soul was once the soul that was my great grandmother.”

OP also revealed that her daughter’s memory of her past life has faded over the years. However, what she said in the past years made OP believe that “souls always exist, and it seems that they carry something with them along the way.”

Most users believed OP’s story and talked about similar instances from their lives. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a woman who discovered a sister she never knew.

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