Mother Can’t Hold Back Tears after Children Team Up to Pay Off Her Mortgage

A Georgia-based woman shed tears of joy and gratitude after her three kids united to give her a surprise birthday present that had been years coming.

Atlanta mom June Hassan couldn’t ask for anything more, having been blessed with four adorable kids, including a deceased daughter. Yet, her three surviving kids figured out the best way to make her big day a memorable one.

Taking a cue from her years-long joke of having her kids pay off her mortgage someday, the three children decided to make it a reality.

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On June 14, which was June’s birthday, her kids, Sheri, Tony, and Jessica, took her to a restaurant for a celebratory dinner.

Amid the celebration, they handed the woman an envelope containing a series of messages. Reading the messages out loud, June discovered what her kids had done, immediately breaking into tears.

Also contained in the envelope was a generous cheque enough to cover up the remainder of her mortgage. The sweet family moment was captured on video and shared on social media, garnering over 20000 views. Tony’s caption read:

“Mom, you have taken care of me when you had nothing. Well today on your birthday, I’m going to take care of you. We’re paying your house completely off…”

Tony admitted he had dreamt of that moment since he was fourteen but never thought it possible. His chance came two years ago when his sister Sheri suggested they combine resources to help clear their mom’s mortgage.

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The four siblings spent the next months putting their plans in place. Following their sister’s demise last October, they knew they could not hold it off any longer, as no one could predict how much time they had left with someone.

The trio decided to make it a birthday surprise, which came just as June, who worked 30 years with the US government, was approaching retirement.

Tony described the memorable gesture as a “little bit of light for the dark part of life,” knowing it came around the same time as his late sister’s birthday.

A netizen’s comment on the heartwarming video on Instagram| Photo:

Rather than mark this time of the year annually with the tragic memory of her lost daughter, June would have it replaced by such good moments, putting a smile on her face for good.

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