Mother Calls Daughter’s Ex and Asks Him to Visit Her in Hospital – He Listened Then Hung Up

When Redditor Throwaway07052020 woke up about a year ago, he never envisaged how much his life would change. But it sure did because his wife went for a run and never came back.

The Original Poster (OP) was at a loss as to what could have happened to his young wife of six years. Their relationship was going on smoothly, and this made it harder for him to comprehend.

At the time he sought advice, he was 33, and his wife was 32. There had been no history of cheating, and he would have said they had the perfect relationship. But was it perfect?

For the OP, that Monday evening was a day like no other. Everything seemed fine, and his wife went for her usual run. However, things started to go awry when she didn’t return.

She didn’t leave home with anything else, so there was no way he could have suspected that she was never coming back, and so he waited.

The next day, she called him. What would have been a call of relief became the call that started his nightmares. He began to feel numb and thinking what could have happened.

How could his life turn around in just a matter of hours? Nothing prepared him for what she said to him over the phone. He was devasted.

She only called him out of courtesy to inform him that she was marrying her ex, who had reached out to her. As if that wasn’t enough, she told him she never loved him and was never coming back.

This blow was one too hard for him. His wife still had all her things at their apartment, and he didn’t know what to do with them. Though painful, a user advised him saying,

“She did you the biggest favor of your life. If she’s capable of doing this, she’s capable of ANYTHING, and she is now someone else’s problem.”

Other users encouraged him to stay strong, not try to contact her, and some even went as far as advising that he throws out her belongings.


Even though your relationship looks perfect, it isn’t! If your partner cheats on you, there have likely been telltale signs which you may have ignored.

Your partner would likely cheat if they lie about money, tell white lies, keep in touch with their exes, flirt online, look to others for emotional support, guard their phones, get jealous easily, and more.

Once you notice one or more of these, you need to have an honest conversation with them. Remember, you cannot prevent all cheating, but communication helps build trust and creates a healthy relationship.

Now, when things went sour, he had called her parents, and her mother had told him not to be too sad, and he should feel happy for his ex.

The OP finally found the courage and called a friend to help him move all her belongings to a storage unit. Once done, he called her father to go and pick it up from there.

He was able to put his life back together and started moving on. He survived the ordeal and was lucky not to lose his job because the breakup took a toll on his mental health.

Just as things were starting to pick up for him, her mother called him out of the blues. Rather than ask how he had been faring, she went ahead to ask him to visit his ex at the hospital.

According to her, his ex-wife had been hospitalized after attempting suicide because she had suffered a mental breakdown. Even though he still cared, he told her mother never to contact him again.

He was happy he had the strength to tell her off, and other users had since congratulated him for that. One of them went on to say, “well done, leave her well alone.”

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If you or someone you know is considering suicide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), text “help” to the Crisis Text Line at 741-741, or go to

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