Mom Who Gave Birth to Black & White Twins Teaches Them to Love Their Differences

One mom, praying to give birth for years, was taken aback when she finally managed to have children, and it wasn’t at all what she expected. This led to a journey of reawakening that made her a wonderful mother and soulful artist.

Judith Nwokocha, a photographer, and her husband struggled to have children for almost a decade. Nevertheless, finally, with the help of I.V.F, the 38-year-old managed to fall pregnant with twins.

However, conceiving was only the beginning of an arduous journey. The road towards birth and the shock received once her little boy and girl came into the world presented more formidable challenges.

Kamsi and Kachi as newborns [left]; Kamsi and Kachi [right]. │Source:

She began to seek out professional help

Although half the size of her brother, Kamsi, the little girl, Kachi, managed to fight her way to complete and vibrant health.

The newborn didn’t have Down Syndrome, but Kachi’s light skin complexion took the mother back, especially since she and her husband are both black. Nwokocha recollected

“I was shocked. I didn’t know what to think.”

The doctors informed her that her daughter had albinism, which causes a brighter skin tone due to issues with melanin. 


In her home country of Nigeria, Nwokocha’s little girl could face violent discrimination. Luckily, she lived in Canada, but even so, she feared that her daughter might face stigma. The photographer expressed

“I worried about her future, how society would treat her, how she’ll be accepted, etc. I envied other black babies and thought, ‘Why me?”

She began to seek out professional help on how to approach and deal with Kachi’s condition. Once her duo had both turned one year old, she had managed to overcome her fears. 

Over time, not only did she begin to open her eyes to the beauty of her daughter, but she noticed how other strangers tended to find her gorgeous. The mom said that she encourages her daughter to see this in herself, saying:

“I always tell her how beautiful she is, because she really is. I wouldn’t trade her condition for a million dollars because she’s perfect to me in every way.”

Using her skills behind the camera, Nwokocha takes and shares pictures of the two siblings. This project is so she can show the rest of the world what divine artistry she sees when she looks at her golden-haired angel.

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