Mom Told She Would Never Have Children Gives Birth to Her Seventh Child Years Later

After being told they’d never have children of their own, a couple has welcomed their seventh child – a baby girl. The mother had a septate uterus and underwent uterine septum surgery, following which she had seven babies. 

Nothing is set in stone. While medical science and technological advancements have emerged as excellent navigation tools, they’re not always right.

The heartwarming story we’re sharing today is proof that anything can be made possible through unwavering faith and dedication. 

[Left] Ariel circling her baby bump. [Right] Ariel and Michael Tyson with their kids. | Photo:

Ariel Tyson tied the knot with the love of her life, Michael Tyson, when she was only 20 years old. After losing their first baby, the couple became sad and hopeless.

The Tysons decided to consult specialists and were told that Ariel could never have her own babies. The young woman was told that there was a 90% chance of losing the baby even if she got pregnant.

As it turned out, Ariel had a septate uterus, which meant she could have problems carrying her baby for a full term. In short, there was a strong chance she might suffer a miscarriage.

While it was a lot to take in, Ariel and Michael refused to give up. They vowed to keep trying because they yearned to become parents and have a home full of children. 

One of her recent TikTok videos shows her sons playing with their baby sister.

Given a 10% chance her pregnancy could go smoothly, Ariel decided to give it a go. She opted for uterine septum surgery, and soon afterward, the couple started trying to get pregnant. 

The couple from Montana lost a baby but were blessed with six boys and a girl, who they consider “miracle babies.” Ariel, who also runs TikTok and Instagram accounts, has documented her parenthood experience on social media. 

Ariel shared that while expecting her first baby, the doctor told them the baby had no heartbeat, and due to a congenital disability, they could lose the child. 

But despite the odds, the couple has continued to stay resolute and were hopeful they’d become parents one day. Surprisingly, they welcomed their seventh baby, a girl, on December 4 and have become a family of nine. 

The Tysons have received immense praise and love from the online community. Ariel, a content creator, and Michael, a pastor, share heart-melting pictures and videos of their little ones on social media.

One of her recent TikTok videos shows her sons playing with their baby sister. The viral video is captioned: “when you’re the first girl with 6 big brothers (sic).” Many netizens left heartwarming reactions to the adorable video clip. 

One user wrote: “That beautiful girl will have so much love in her life but I truly feel bad for any girl who messes with her brothers (sic) !!!!!!!” A second one added: “6 big brothers to love and protect her. So happy for your family 🥰 (sic).”

If the Tyson family’s journey to parenthood warmed your hearts, don’t forget to share this incredible story with your loved ones. We wish and pray that Ariel and Michael have a fantastic time with their bundles of joy. 

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