Mom Takes Photo with a Cardboard Cutout of Her Sailor Son, Unaware He’s Standing behind Her

While gifts and free time are fantastic add-ons to the festive season, the shimmering effect can turn dull if the equation doesn’t include spending time with loved ones. However, those that genuinely care for you will make a plan, and an amazing plan at that. 

It was the 2019 Christmas holidays, and one mom, Robina Lerma, profoundly missed her son, Robin Reyes. She wished he was home with the Lerma family to celebrate and spend time together but thought that was simply a fantasy.

Robina didn’t know that her child, a US Navy sailor, had a wonderful surprise in store for her, which would leave her crying and screaming in glee. 

A woman taking a picture with her family while holding out a cardboard cut-out of her son who is standing behind her. Another picture of her is overlaid onto the bigger snapshot.┃Source:

Reyes worked in cahoots with other family members and the restaurant staff at Danny’s Restaurant at Big Bear Lake in California. This eatery was where the special moment took place. 

A cute yet comical sequence of events unfolded. 

The Lerma family had decided to go on holiday together at the Big Bear Lake with an additional member that the mother was completely unaware of. 

A woman looking at the menu at Danny’s Restaurant.┃Source:

The Lerma’s decided to get their picture taken at the eatery while Robina held out a cardboard cutout of her son as a loving gesture. Before taking the shot, the relative holding the phone or camera exclaimed

“We are at Danny’s in Big Bear. Say cheese!”

Reyes slowly walked up behind her, dressed entirely in his uniform, which matched the cardboard cutout the mom was holding. A cute yet comical sequence of events unfolded

A son walking toward his mom and other family members.┃Source:

The son stood behind his mom as they took the first picture, but she thought it was a photoshop app when she saw it. Robina was also oblivious to her granddaughter, who pointed directly at her grandmother’s son, exclaiming

“Grandma look! Uncle Robin is there!” 

A son playing around while secretly standing behind his mother.┃Source:

The family took more photos, thinking she may catch on if the sailor pulled different poses. Adorably, however, the mother still thought it was an app.

Finally, she turned around, spotting her son and immediately letting out a scream of glee and joy as both mom and child embraced lovingly. 

The whole eatery burst into loud applause as Robina and her family laughed at how long it took her to catch onto what was happening. The relatives then took a few more snaps together, but not a single family member was missing this time. 

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