Mom Preserves the Christmas Tree Her Son, 17, Decorated before He Passed Away

One year after losing her son, Heather Davis finally unwrapped the Christmas tree the teenager decorated before he committed suicide. It was an emotional moment, and Davis had a lot to say about it.

The holiday season is a period filled with joy and laughter. Many families get the opportunity to spend quality time with one another. However, it is a time to remember loved ones that have passed on for some.

December 7, 2020, will always be a day to remember for Heather Davis, as she said goodbye to her 17-year-old son, Kooper. The teenager left his family in despair after he committed suicide.

Photo of a mom with her son who decorated her Christmas tree before commiting suicide. | Photo:

To commemorate the first anniversary of his death, the emotional mother took to her Facebook page with a tear-jerking post. Davis shared a picture of her and Kopper standing side by side and donning lovely outfits. Attached to the lovely snapshot, Davis wrote:

“It’s been 1 official year since we talked, since we would last be on the phone together 1 year to the minute since I heard your laugh I’ll forever cherish our last conversation…”

Two days later, Davis shared another post. This time it contained a Christmas tree, Kooper decorated before his untimely demise. Alongside the picture, the woman wrote:

“Here are a few for Kooper’s personal tree. Thank you for the ones who have already been added. And the ones who have reached out to me. ❤this is my first year doing this. I appreciate the support 🌲.”

The mother had preserved the tree, and it appeared to be a memory she wanted to protect for the future. Davis preserved the tree by wrapping it in cellophane to ensure that it stayed just the way her son decorated it before he died.

Two days after the anniversary of Kooper’s death, Davis, her husband, and two children finally unwrapped the tree. In the process of unwrapping, the decorations and ornaments remained intact. 

The mother of two told Southwest News Service that her late son helped her buy and decorate the tree before his demise, and it was something she would hold on to forever.

According to Davis, unwrapping the tree for the first time since Kooper’s death stirred up many emotions, but the feeling of being close to her son once again was worth it. 

The woman and her family decided to preserve the late teenager’s memory by keeping the tree that way every Christmas.

This story is a message to everyone battling depression and various mental health issues. Suicide is not the only option. It only leaves your family in pain, and it creates a vacuum that can never be filled.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at

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