Mom of Daughter with Down Syndrome Writes Letter to the Doctor Who Suggested an Abortion

After being advised by a prenatal specialist to abort her unborn child who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Courtney Baker decided to keep the baby. Here’s a look at the emotional letter she sent the doctor more than a year after the baby was born.

In 2016, Courtney Williams Baker was preparing to become a mom for the third time and expected everything to be smooth sailing like her first two pregnancies.

However, things didn’t go as planned as she received heart-wrenching news — the baby in her womb had Down Syndrome. Feeling anxious, terrified, sad, and depressed, Baker sought help from a prenatal specialist.

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Instead of getting the encouraging advice she expected from the doctor, the mom was repeatedly told to get an abortion. However, Baker refused to heed the specialist’s advice and chose to keep the baby — a little girl named Emersyn Faith.

More than one year after baby Emersyn was born, Baker sent the prenatal specialist an emotional message. She took to her Facebook page to share the tear-jerking letter, which got many reactions.

In the post, Baker revealed that a pregnant friend received compliments about her unborn son from her prenatal specialist. Even when the child was born with Down Syndrome, the doctor told the woman that her son was perfect.

Baker revealed that the story touched her heart, as she had expected the same from her doctor rather than abortion advice. The woman said she was not angry or bitter but was sad that the tiny beating heart the doctor saw could not fill him with a perpetual awe.

Overall, the proud mother wrote that her little daughter had become an integral part of her family. In addition, Baker said Emersyn was still “perfect” despite her condition. She wrapped up by saying:

“My prayer is that no mommy will ever have to go through what I did. My prayer is that you too will now see true beauty and pure love with every life displayed on every sonogram.”

During an interview with ABC News, Baker mentioned that she knew how vital writing the letter was, even before her daughter was born. Baker did not know how the doctor would react to her letter, but she had faith that God could work any miracle and change any heart.

After Baker shared the letter on her Facebook page, the woman also shared the note on the official Facebook page of Parker Myles. This blog highlights inspirational content about children with Down Syndrome.

The post received thousands of shares, with many netizens sharing their stories and offering advice. Baker’s plight is only a source of encouragement to mothers, challenging them to shun negative opinions and love their child/children unconditionally.

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